Before delving into the subject of what are the most popular cards in Brazil, it is necessary that you understand the current context.

Today, for various reasons of convenience and security, consumers choose to make their purchases over the internet, using their credit card as a means of payment.

And according to SPC Brasil, 52 million Brazilians use the credit card credit to make your purchases, so it is essential that the owners of virtual stores and marketplaces follow this movement closely.

With this knowledge, knowing which are the main credit card brands in Brazil is a must, after all, although the services are similar, the characteristics are different.

So let’s learn more about the subject and find out which are the main card brands in Brazil?
So, read this text I prepared until the end!

What is a credit card brand?

Many people confuse the brand with the credit card operator and, despite working together, their functions and objectives are different and complementary.
Operators are responsible for managing and administering the card and brands operate the buying and selling process.
So it is the operator who sets the credit limits for customers and defines the maintenance fees.
It also issues and sends the invoice, in addition to keeping the communication channel open with the customer to negotiate possible situations of default, undue collection or duplicate entries.
Several banks make the connection and the bureaucratic and financial bond between the customer, the operator that owns the flag and the establishments that accept payment via credit card.
The flag does the social part, that is, it opens the way for acceptance in different types of places and the more popular it is, the more chances it has of being accepted in stores.

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One of the oldest credit card brands, the company started activities in the United States in the 1950s and in 2007, the company became Visa Inc., a global organization with acceptance in more than 200 countries .
In our country, the flag arrived in 1981 through a partnership with Bradesco, which would become, about ten years later, the first to offer corporate cards, with chip and also the debit version, Visa Electron.

Escolher cartão de crédito


The well-known MasterCard, born on American soil, made two fundamental associations after its emergence in 1976, the first with the National Bank of Mexico and the other with Eurocard, in Europe, after reaching Japan, Africa and Australia and in the 1980s, it reached Asia and Latin America.
The flag is admitted in 210 countries and can be used in several commercial establishments, as it has a partnership with around 25 thousand financial institutions.
Visa and MasterCard, without a doubt, are the main credit card brands in Brazil and the dispute between them is quite instigated, in 2016 Visa lost the top spot to MasterCard.


Following the trend of the most popular cards, it refers to a genuinely Brazilian brand, derived from the financial triad between Bradesco, Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil, where its cards are accepted in 185 countries and 35 million of commercial establishments.
Even not disputing the top positions, Elo’s growth in Brazil is impressive, after all, in 2016, the brand practically doubled the number of cards issued, reaching the mark of 7 million.

American Express

Continuing with the most popular cards, Banco Bradesco and Banco do Brasil are responsible for issuing the card in the national territory and the American flag is selective and reaches most customers with high purchasing power, and can be purchased by people with lower income, but the credit limit follows this reality.
In Brazil, there are more than one million establishments and around thirteen million abroad that accept the card.


It began in 1970, the year in which the company managed the Grupo Bompreço loyalty card and through it, access to transactions by consumers and stores was simplified.
With success generated, the card started to be accepted in several places and soon, in 1993, it became a credit card, currently being the only store card in Brazil that is accepted in more than one million establishments in the country.

Diners Club

Card founded in 1950 is today one of the main credit card brands in Brazil, more common among customers with high purchasing power, Diners Club was the first independent credit card company in the world.
Currently its flag competes with Citibank and to acquire its most basic card it is necessary to have a minimum income of R$ 3,000 reais.

Discover Network

Although the Discover Network is not present in Brazil, it plays a fundamental role in the activities of other flags, as Elo and its partnership admit that the Brazilian flag has a greater reach abroad, thanks to the numerous businesses that accept the American one .

And the Alelo card?

We already know several more popular cards and we cannot forget the most popular food card, belonging to the Elopar Group, the same holding as Elo, Alelo is a company specialized in benefits such as food, culture, sport and health and the good news that What I bring you is that Zoop also accepts the voucher option with Alelo!
Believe me! There are more than 8 million people using this card and around BRL 55 million transactions per month!
Among the various cards, the company offers Alelo Meal, Alelo Comida and Alelo Cultura, but there are two that deserve to be highlighted and that can be used for purchases in marketplaces of different segments, which are Christmas and Multi-benefits.
Alelo Natal is offered by companies and businesses to employees as a reward and can be used throughout the Alelo network, including for online purchases and its multi-benefits, it is used to anticipate part of the worker’s salary, which can be used for any purpose. .

To help you find the most popular cards, I’ve separated some credit options with no annual fee currently available in the Brazilian market. Check it out!

cartão de crédito sem anuidade

What are the no annual fee credit cards?

Today, there is a good variety of credit card options that do not charge annuity, that is, they do not charge high monthly fees and expensive maintenance fees.


Refers to one of the best options on the market and to purchase it, you need to have a Neon bank account, which is completely digital.
With it you have all the control through the cell phone application, accessing the invoices, limits and keep an eye on the expenses, you can also put the credit card invoice in the automatic debit of the account.
With the Visa flag, the card has no maintenance fee or monthly fee.


The card follows the same style as the Neon, being linked to a digital account, the NuConta, the customer has the benefit of controlling expenses directly in the application.
Among the facilities, we have the option to reduce or increase the limits of the card and discounts on the payment of early installments and with the Mastercard brand, the Nubank card is international, where maintenance fees or monthly fees are not charged.


The Saraiva card does not require proof of income or sending documents and with the Visa flag it becomes international and can also be accompanied by the application.
One of its advantages is that it is included in two rewards programs: SaraivaPlus and Milhas Aéreas, where each purchase made on the website and at Saraiva stores or at establishments accredited by the Visa network, the customer accumulates points that can be exchanged for discounts on bookstore products or tickets.


The Digio credit card is yet another example of this type of financial services and with the Visa International flag, it does not have revolving interest and has service fees below the market value.
Connected to a digital account and operated by an application, the Digio card is an easy option for those who do not want to face bureaucracy.


The Banco Inter card is one of the most complete alternatives on the market, being linked to a digital account and controlled by an application, it has a Mastercard brand and can be used for international purchases.
also offers customers various benefits such as free withdrawals on the Banco 24h network, mobile recharge, purchases and transfers via QR Code, among others.


One of the highlights of the Next credit card is that it is free of annual fees in its free plan, which also has the Visa flag, is international and entirely controlled by an application.
There are other benefits of the card, such as: 50% off tickets at Cinemark and R$ 20 off Uber trips, Vaquinha, which allows you to share facts with friends and family via the app, and the objective, in which Next separates monthly an amount determined by the client and deposits it in an investment fund.

Easy Ourocard Card

The BB Ourocard Fácil is an international credit card offered to Banco do Brasil account holders and non-account holders, that is, you do not need to have an account to make one.
With the Visa flag, the card has benefits such as a discount on shows and other exclusive promotions and for you to have an exempt annuity, you need to spend at least R$ 100 on purchases every month and if this amount is not reached, a monthly fee of R$ will be charged. 5.

Santander Free

Santander’s Free operates under the same scheme as Ourocard Fácil: the annuity is not charged even if R$100 is spent on purchases per month.
Operating under the MasterCard Gold banner, Santander Free offers benefits such as: withdrawal and payment in 24 hours, being included in the Sphere Discounts and Surpreenda MasterCard programs.
Extend these Santander Free benefits to up to 5 additional cards and all expenses are concentrated on the holder’s bill, in addition to determining the credit limit for the new cards.

Original Bank

Relying on popular credit and debit cards, it has no annual fee and is accepted internationally!
Operating under the MasterCard brand, the card allows withdrawals from the Banco 24 Horas network and the management and control of expenses through the application. It participates in the MasterCard Surpreenda benefits program.
What sets Original Internacional apart is the cashback system, in which you earn part of the value of a purchase back.


Intended for retirees, pensioners and civil servants, the BMG Card does not have access to the Credit Protection Service (SPC) or Serasa.
With the international MasterCard flag, the BMG Card accepts withdrawals from the Banco 24 Horas network and cell phone recharges, being one of those that offer one of the lowest rates for the National Social Security Institute (INSS).
Learn more about BMG cards to make your choice!


For those who don’t know, yes, Petrobras has a card!
It was originated in partnership with Banco do Brasil, it is international and with the Visa flag, it does not have an annuity, membership fee, maintenance and statement fees, the Petrobras card allows you to collect points with your purchases and exchange them for a discount at invoice.
Another highlight is the discounts and benefits offered by various commercial partners, making it possible to pay invoices within 40 days.

Zero Credit

Another good card option, Credicard Zero, in addition to not charging an annual fee, offers many benefits such as: exclusive discounts with partners such as Decolar, Natura, Magazine Luiza, among others.
The card is part of the MasterCard Surpreenda program and offers a 15% discount on tickets for presentations to be held at Credicard Hall.

Itaucard 2.0 Gold

The annual fee for the Itaucard 2.0 Gold will be charged after unlocking the credit card, which can be MasterCard or Visa, providing a 100% digital experience, with spending control by application.
To purchase an Itaucard 2.0 Gold, you must have a minimum income of R$2,000 and the invoice can be paid in up to 24 installments with interest.


With the MasterCard flag, the Agibank card offers debit, credit and international options in a single card and, as it is linked to the bank account, you can control transactions via the web or applications on your cell phone.
It includes the Mastercard Surpreena program and you have up to 40 days to pay by credit card.

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