Choosing a Caixa Card for your needs is not an easy task, is it? Let’s talk a little about each box card and its characteristics.

The Caixa Econômica Federal, also known as Caixa, is a Financial Institution with its own assets and administrative autonomy based in Brasília and with branches throughout the national territory, being linked to the Ministry of Economy.

For those who don’t know, it was founded in 1861, when Dom Pedro II signed Decree nº 2.723 and in addition to being a bank, it is responsible for the Length of Service (FGTS), Social Integration Program (PIS), Unemployment Insurance and government social programs, such as Bolsa Família, FIES and Minha Casa Minha Vida Program and according to company data, the bank has more than 87 million of customers.

Its mission is “to promote the sustainable development of Brazil, generating value for customers and society as a public financial institution and agent of State policies” and its vision is “to be a reference in efficiency, trust and customer satisfaction, ensuring profitability in all businesses”.
Now that you know a little more about the story, get to know the main cards and advantages of each one and see what best suits you!

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Caixa Simples Credit Card

This card is intended for INSS retirees or pensioners, under the age of 75, who want to enjoy life in complete safety, as it offers the facilities of conventional credit for you to make your purchases in physical stores and on the internet, in Brazil or abroad.
It is a payroll card, with the facility to discount part of the invoice payment, referring to the 5% margin on the INSS benefit, which is the biggest difference in relation to the card conventional credit.

Zero Annuity

With this Caixa Econômica card, you are exempt from annual fees and pay only the R$15 fee to issue the card. p>

Affordable interest rate

Interest rate 3x lower than that of a conventional card, with only 2.70% per month for using the revolving card.

Lar Check-up

One ​​of the benefits of this card is that you can count on a specialized professional to carry out small repairs in your home, such as electrical and plumbing inspections, installation of shelves, curtains and blinds , water tank cleaning and others, and may request the service up to three times a year.

How to hire a simple cash card?

The Caixa Simples Card is available for contracting at branches throughout Brazil, to INSS retirees and pensioners under 75 years old.

cartão de crédito caixa

Cash Debit Card

With this Caixa Econômica card, you can use your bank account and pay for purchases, as the amount is debited directly from your account, in a safe, practical and fast, being a great convenience for you.

Virtual Debit Card

With it you make purchases with more security on websites and internet applications that accept debit cards and purchases are safer because you generate a unique security code for every purchase.
If you are a bank customer and have a checking, savings or Caixa Fácil account, an individual, you can issue a virtual debit card and each card will have a daily limit of up to 10 transactions or the total purchase amount of BRL 1,000.00,
It is worth mentioning that for every purchase you make on the internet with your virtual debit card, you will need to generate a new security code, so your purchase will be much safer.style=”font-size: 14pt;”> span>

How to issue the Virtual Debit Card and generate the security code

Go to the Caixa Internet Banking or Caixa Application and on the main page, where all the Internet Banking service icons are located, click on the cards icon, look for the Credit Card section Virtual Debit, generate, after selecting the card brand and clicking on the confirm button and finally, enter your electronic signature and click on confirm.
Using the Caixa or Internet Banking application you can: block and unblock the card, issue a duplicate and track the posted card.

Benefits of your card

With the card you can make several purchases before receiving your salary and to take advantage of this advantage, you must have a Caixa account to automatically receive your salary , have an overdraft contract or Caixa Fácil Revolving Credit in this account and pay for purchases with the Caixa Debit Card.

Benefits of the Flag

  • Caixa Elo Debit Card
    Make your purchases with the Caixa Elo Debit Card and win prizes with the USE ELO promotion.
  • Casa Mastercard Debit Card
    By registering your Caixa MasterCard Debit Card in the MasterCard Surpreenda program and when you make a purchase with your card, you earn a point in the program and by choosing a Surpreenda partner, use your points and when buying a product, pay 1 and get 2 free.
  • Caixa Visa Debit Card
    By registering your Caixa Visa Debit Card in the VAI DE VISA program, you can get promotions and offers at restaurants, hotels, rental companies and various commercial establishments when paying for your purchase with your debit card. debit.

Caixa Universitário Card

With this Caixa Universitário card intended for students regularly enrolled in public or private higher education institutions (undergraduate, graduate, master’s or doctorate), from the 1st semester, offers different rates and can be used abroad, depending on the modality.

Characteristics of the Caixa Universidade Card

  • Account with a credit limit set at BRL 800.00;
  • Pay your purchases without interest and without entry;
    Pay your airline tickets and tourist packages, national and international, as long as they are in reais;
  • With the rotating financing system, you finance the outstanding balance shown on the invoice, including international purchases, after the minimum payment informed on the invoice, but be aware of the remaining balance to be paid on the next invoice will incur remuneration charges.
  • Annuity: BRL 207.00 in 12 installments of BRL 17.25 and the charge will only occur after unlocking the card;
  • 75% discount on the 1st annuity;
  • You can count on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on 4004-9009 (capitals and metropolitan regions) or 0800 940 9009 (other regions). Abroad, call collect to (55) 21 3506 0999.
  • Caixa Pontos Program is a reward system that offers points based on your use of the Caixa Universitário Card and purchases made in Brazil and abroad with participating cards. points that can be redeemed and used in the programs: Tudo Azul, Smiles, LATAM PASS, Victoria, In Mais and Dotz.


Constructcard is a line of credit for you who intend to build or renovate your house to be able to buy your construction material in stores accredited by Caixa, when contracting the financing, you buy a card and have up to six months to buy everything you need.
With this construcard card, you can buy construction materials: such as bricks, frames, floors, tiles and paints, non-removable cabinets, swimming pools, elevators, water tanks , solar heaters, aero generators and photovoltaic energy equipment.

Caixa Nacional Tourism Card

The Caixa Nacional Turismo card is already intended for people over 18 years old, or over 16 years old emancipated or assisted by their father and with their own income, with a limit granted in accordance with with the credit analysis, which must be a minimum of R$ 1,000.00.


  • Annuity in the amount of R$ 135.00 in 12 installments of R$ 11.25;
  • Additional card annual fee is 50% of the holder’s annual fee divided into 12 installments;
  • The annual fee is charged after unlocking the card;
  • Make installments without interest and without down payment with your card according to the condition offered by the establishments;
  • Installment of purchases (with interest) in up to 48 months;
  • Pay your domestic airline tickets;
  • Also pay your national tour packages.

With this card you can finance the outstanding balance shown on the invoice after the minimum payment mentioned on the invoice, and the remaining balance to be paid on the next invoice will incur charges remuneration.
Such revolving credit can only be used for 30 days and after that period, the outstanding balance plus charges will integrate the minimum payment of the next invoice.
A great tip here is that with this Mastercard and Visa National Tourism card, you can make purchases on international websites, but for that the card must be released for international use, at the Caixa Cards App, Internet Banking or at the Call Center.
And to apply for your card right now, fill in and sign the necessary forms to join at a Caixa agency, submitting the required documentation and wait for a credit analysis to be carried out to for the card to be granted.

cartão de crédito internacional

International Cards

By acquiring a Caixa Internacional Card, you can make withdrawals and purchases with benefits and advantages, and also participate in the Pontos Caixa Program, accumulating points with each purchase you make, it is possible to choose between Visa or MasterCard.

Who is it for?

  • This Caixa Econômica card is intended for people over 18 years old, or over 16 years old emancipated or assisted by their father and with their own income and its characteristics are:
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  • Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling 4004-9009 (capitals and metropolitan regions) or 0800-940-9009 (other regions) and if you are abroad, call collect to (55) 21 3506-0999;
  • Credit granted according to the analysis, which must be a minimum of BRL 1,000.00;
  • Divide your purchases without interest and without down payment according to the condition offered by the establishment;
  • Pay your purchases with interest in up to 48 months;
  • Pay national airline tickets and tour packages, in reais.
  • It has an annual fee of R$ 207.00 in 12 installments of R$ 17.25 and a 50% discount on the first annuity;
  • Account with annuity exemption on the additional card in the first three annuities, for the additional cards contracted together with the holder;
  • The annual fee is charged after unlocking the card.

Banner Benefits

Your Caixa Internacional Credit Card has exclusive benefits per brand, such as:

Mastercard Surpreenda is the base of offers where you pay 1 and get 2 and Masterpass is the online purchase on several sites with the completion of a single registration. p>


  • Travel Assistance Service: Free travel advice.
  • Vai de Visa: Platform for offers, promotions and exclusive benefits.
  • Visa Checkout: Purchase online on several websites by completing a single registration.

Your payment can be made in cash, in installments without interest or with interest in up to 48 installments, the more you use your card, the more points you accumulate to exchange for airline tickets and other products from Caixa’s partners, in addition, the cards offer a series of services during your tours in Brazil and the world.

  • Follow how simple it is and order yours now:
  • Choose the channel that is most convenient for you;
  • CAIXA AQUI Digital Correspondent – ​​for hire;
  • CAIXA AQUI Correspondent Business – and see the correspondent near you;
  • Caixa branch – find a branch near you;
  • Fill out the membership forms;
  • Fill in and sign the necessary membership forms and, if requested, submit the necessary documentation;
  • Once the proposal has been approved, just wait for the card to be delivered to start enjoying all the benefits;
  • Documentation;
  • CPF;
  • Identity document;
  • Proof of income;
  • Proof of residency.

Caixa Internacional Tourism Card

Card for people over 18 years old, or over 16 years old emancipated or assisted by a parent and with their own income with credit limit granted according to credit analysis , which must be a minimum of R$ 1,000.00, with an annual fee of R$ 219.00 in 12 installments of R$ 18.25.


  • Promotions and partnerships with various companies in the tourism sector;
  • Payment without interest and without down payment;
  • Payment with interest in up to 48 months;
  • Pay air tickets and national tour packages in real.
  • Various services through the Caixa Cards App, Caixa App or Internet Banking;
  • With Turismo Caixa Internacional, you have a network of affiliated establishments, such as hotels, inns, airlines, car rental agencies, travel agencies, restaurants and theme parks , which offer exclusive discounts and promotions for paying with the card.

Go to the brand’s website or contact the corresponding call center to find out more about assistance, insurance and benefits available for your Caixa Internacional Card, such as Assistance in Travel.
To request your card, fill in and sign the forms required for membership at a Caixa branch, presenting the required documentation.

Did you like to know more about Caixa Econômica Federal cards? So choose the card that best suits your day to day and happy shopping!
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