What are the advantages of nubank in 2020?






nubank revolutionized the way of making simple transactions with no annuity and no fees, but what many are in doubt is whether it is worth having nubank in 2020. Shall we check it out?

Oh, before I forget, we already talked about the types of credit cards you can choose from, okay? But stay here a little longer to understand one of the best card options with no annual fee.

What is nubank?

Thought to make life easier for people who have low expenses, little income and who want a better line of credit, Nubank emerged as a complete option. It works with a credit card with no annual fee, being able to pay your purchases in installments like any other credit card, in addition to having an integrated current account that accepts deposits via bank slip.

That’s why it’s not a surprise that small and medium-sized businesses, as well as freelancers and self-employed people, have a predilection for Nubank.

But what is he? A bank or a digital wallet?

Nubank is indeed a bank, but it is virtual and everything is done online. That’s why its application is one of the easiest and most intuitive among several banks.

Like any bank, it also offers:

  • Credit card;
  • Current account;
  • Loan;
  • Rewards (bank’s own scoring system).

nubank sem anuidade

But which bank is Nubank from?

Although we know that it is its own bank, whenever current customers generate a slip to apply balance to the account or make charges, Bradesco appears as a bank. Does this mean that Nubank belongs to Bradesco?

Actually, no. It turns out that, as the company is online, it had to close a partnership with Bradesco. Therefore, Bradesco is only the issuer of the payment slips and nothing else. Banco Bradesco is not the same bank as Nubank.

Nubank Advantages: No annuity and no fees

  1. Practicality is the nickname of this bank, as it has no annuity and no maintenance fees.
  2. In addition, your money can also earn if you keep it in the checking account, where interest is usually higher than that of a common savings account.
  3. And transferring to other banks has never been easier! Also without fees, transfers from nubank to other banks are made free of charge.
  4. Keep your money in the account and use the debit card! You receive a debit card at home, still without an annual fee and without the maintenance fees that scare you so much.
  5. To top it off, you can also pay your bills through the app without any bureaucracy.

How to create my nubank account?

The Nubank current account can be created either through the application or through the browser. You will need to have photos of your documents in hand, okay? The process is quick and the account opens with no initial deposit required.

But to have a Nubank credit card, you can also do it through the application and through the browser, but here it is up to credit analysis and is subject to being refused. The tip is to open the checking account first, move it and after a few days request the credit analysis. The response is quick and painless.

To create it through the browser, simply access this link and go straight there. Already on the home page, there is the button “create account ” and just follow the steps.

Using the app, search the name Nubank in your app store, install and start the app by entering your personal data, such as your social security number, for example.

How can I withdraw my Nubank balance?

Your balance is not trapped in the account and you can access it either by purchasing directly with the card, transferring it to another bank account or going directly to a Banco24h cashier, usually located at gas stations and supermarkets, and withdrawing by there.

It is important to pay attention here: Nubank does not charge fees for virtual movement or maintenance fees, but it will charge R$6.50 per withdrawal. So plan well before cashing out, right?

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