Banco BMG is part of a corporation that covers its activities in the financial area and is headquartered in the state of Minas Gerais.

In the city of Belo Horizonte. Its focus is on retirees, pensioners and public servants.

What made it important for the popularization of payroll loans in the country and you can find the bank’s services on the website, or, in some network of banking correspondents.

Now that you know a little more about this institution, come and discover in this article the BMG cards offered and the advantages of each one, don’t miss it!

BMG Bank

As we saw above, Banco BMG is one of the largest financial institutions in our country, aimed at INSS retirees and pensioners, public servants and investors, with 88 years of history and its mission to be knowledgeable in what its audience most needs.
The bank offers several products to its consumers, such as: digital account, payroll credit card, investment and loan, learn more about BMG cards below.

BMG Card Advantages

• They do not consult with Serasa and SPC and even if you are negative, the bank will allow you to apply for a BMG card;
• It has no annual fee, leaving you free to use all the functions of the card, without having to pay the annual fee;
• It has a withdrawal function, where you have the right to withdraw up to 95% of your credit limit, at 24-hour ATMs and even if your card has not yet arrived, carry out the withdrawal at one of the branches, taking your payment documents with you. identification and request that the money be transferred to an active account in your name.
• Another great advantage of BMG cards is their interest rates, which are very low compared to those practiced in the market and the card bill can be deducted from your salary or your benefit and if you keep paying up to date, the interest rates charged by the bank tend to be low, being up to three times lower than other banks;
• BMG cards have the international “version”, already being enabled to be used outside Brazil, that is, you can enjoy its benefits even if you are traveling in another country or shopping online on foreign sites;
• With the Surpreenda MasterCard you can make purchases in more than 36 million different establishments in Brazil and with each purchase on the card you earn points and when you get a lot of accumulated points, you can exchange them for discounts and products in restaurants.
• BMG cards do not interfere with the payroll loan margin, as with the minimum bill on the card it is only 5% deducted per month from your salary, this does not interfere with the payroll loan, in addition to having a margin of 30% for be used as a payroll loan.

Why is the BMG Card only available to retirees, INSS pensioners and civil servants?

The BMG Card is intended only for this group because it is a payroll credit card, which the invoice is deducted directly from the net salary or the INSS benefit.
Thus, the institution does not run the risk of not receiving the payment of the invoice, which minimizes the chances of default.


cartão bmg card

It is the multiple payroll card intended for retirees, pensioners and civil servants, being a complete, international card with no annual fee.
With this BMG card, the minimum payment of your invoice is debited directly from the payroll, in addition, you can also make purchases online and abroad.
As we have seen, the bank is a large Brazilian financial institution offering the most diverse products to its customers.
And the product that draws the most attention is the credit card without consultation with the SPC and Serasa, the BMG Card, which according to the bank, there is no consultation because the default rate is low, even because the installments are deducted directly from the customer payroll.

Who can apply for the BMG Card without an annual fee and without consulting the SPC and Serasa?

The BMG Card is a credit card intended for INSS retirees and pensioners and public servants with an automatic discount on the invoice, which means that it is deducted by the paying institution from the policyholder’s salary/benefit.
Precisely for this reason, the chances that the invoices are not paid are small and the financial institution does not need to worry about previous debts, so it is not necessary to consult the credit protection agencies to issue the BMG Card. p>

BMG Card Advantages

  • No bureaucracy
    The procedure for applying for the BMG Card credit card does not have the bureaucracies common in the market, that is, you can apply online directly through the BMG website.
  • Lowest rates on the market and no annual fee
    BMG cards, in addition to having one of the lowest rates on the market today, do not have an annual fee.
  • International
    With it you can make purchases abroad with this card, after all, we need an international credit card to shop on the internet, for example and with it you will no longer have to worry.

BMG Digital Card

  • My dear readers, opening a digital account has never been so easy, so open it right now, because with the BMG Digital Card you have everything you need such as:
  • Boletos generated by the application or Internet Banking at no cost;
  • Travel and shopping in Brazil and abroad with your international card, in addition to having the MasterCard Surpreenda points program;
  • With it you don’t have to worry about any form of billing, as your digital account is free of any cost;
  • With it you can make withdrawals at any Banco BMG branch or Banco 24horas ATMs without additional costs.

BMG Multi Card

When opening an account, request your BMG Multi, with debit and credit function, because with it, you can make withdrawals even without your card, using only biometrics.
Withdraw this money at BMG branches and at more than 22,000 ATMs in the Banco24Horas network.
As we saw above, Banco BMG is a medium-sized bank in the state of Minas Gerais, which is dedicated exclusively to payroll loans for retirees, pensioners and civil servants.
However, recently, the BMG bank launched the BMG Multi, which refers to a complete digital account, and a Multiple card for all customers and right at launch, the credit card was charged annuity.
But BMG is no longer charging the annual fee and is still offering a series of novelties available in the application, so continue reading this article and learn more right now.

BMG Multi card now has no annual fee

  • The Meu BMG digital account is currently a great choice, and is even intended for those customers who have a low credit score.
  • I have prepared some of the advantages of the BMG Multi Card below:
  • Open the 100% digital account through the application;
  • Perform unlimited transfers between BMG bank accounts;
  • Make free and unlimited transfers to other banks through TED;
  • Withdraw at ATMs in the Banco24Horas network;
  • Credit and debit cards do not charge annuity;
  • You can settle your bills and slips through the application or internet banking;
  • Have a great service by email or phone and with the assistant Duda;
  • And finally, register your accounts for automatic debit.

Credit card fees

If by any chance you requested your digital account or your BMG Multi card through digital channels, you will not pay any tariff or account maintenance fee, now if you contracted it together with a loan at one of the authorized stores, you can be charged a fee per month.

BMG Plus Card

This BMG Mais card is perfect for those with no margin on payroll, because with it, you can make purchases in cash or in installments, it’s easier, without a headache!
What is Payroll Card?
This is a type of credit card issued only to Federal, State, Municipal Public Servants and INSS retirees and pensioners, with the minimum discount on the card bill deducted monthly from the payroll, guaranteed by the recorded consigned margin.

Payroll Credit Card

I’ll mention its advantages right now for you!

  • Has one of the lowest rates for INSS;
  • There is no consultation with the SPC/Serasa;
  • No annual fee;
  • In addition to being an international Mastercard card.

My BMG Team Cards

Have you ever thought about combining everyday needs with the passion for your football team?
This is the proposal of Meu Team BMG cards, they offer customers\ fans a free digital account and 100% online, credit card with no annual fee and unlimited transfers and to open an account, request the card or invest, just access the BMG, go to the My Team tab, choose one of the 3 and complete the online registration.


There are 3 types of plans for Corinthians fans.


  • Corinthians official t-shirt for R$89.90.
  • This type of plan does not offer Cashback.
  • Access to the virtual store.
  • No monthly fee.


  • Corinthians official t-shirt for R$49.90.
  • 50% of tuition cashback back to you.
  • 25% discount in the online store
  • It has a monthly fee of R$ 19.90 per month.


  • Free licensed Corinthians t-shirt.
  • 50% of tuition cashback back to you.
  • 50% discount in the online store
  • It has a monthly fee of R$ 39.90 per month.
  • Atletico Mineiro is not left out of these 3 advantages of plans with:


  • Licensed Rooster t-shirt for R$89.90.
  • This type of plan does not offer Cashback.
  • Access to the virtual store.
  • No monthly fee.


  • Licensed Rooster t-shirt for R$49.90;
  • 50% cashback of tuition back to you;
  • 25% discount on the webshop;
  • It has a monthly fee of R$ 19.90 per month.


  • Free licensed Rooster t-shirt;
  • 50% cashback of tuition back to you;
  • 50% discount on the webshop;
  • It has a monthly fee of R$ 39.90 per month;

In addition to the benefits of the Atlético Mineiro account, such as: 100% online account with no fees, Credit card with no annual fee, free transfers, unlimited withdrawals and International Mastercard card.
In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the Atlético Mineiro payroll credit card is exclusive to retirees, pensioners and civil servants, with it you have more benefits such as:

  • No annual fee;
  • Great market rates;
  • No SPC/Serasa consultation
  • Vasco


  • Licensed Vasco t-shirt for R$89.90.
  • This type of plan does not offer Cashback.
  • Access to the virtual store.
  • No monthly fee.


  • Licensed Vasco t-shirt for R$49.90.
  • 50% of tuition cashback back to you.
  • 25% discount in the online store.
  • It has a monthly fee of R$ 19.90 per month.


  • Free licensed Vasco t-shirt.
  • 50% of tuition cashback back to you.
  • 50% discount in the online store
  • It has a monthly fee of R$ 39.90 per month.

dicas de cartão de crédito

BMG Card MasterCard

BMG Card intended for retirees, pensioners and civil servants, with the following benefits:

  • First annual fee free of charge;
  • Other free holder annuities;
  • First annuity of the additional not informed;
  • Other additional annuities not informed;
  • Minimum income not informed.

Benefits and services for you

Mastercard Surprise

By neutering your card, earn 1 point every time you use it regardless of the purchase amount;

Mastercard Global Service™

Offers a specialized service in emergency situations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;


Accepted in several establishments affiliated to the MasterCard® network throughout Brazil.

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