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Do you need to edit your videos and photos easily, but don’t have a computer available? Then meet InShot, an easy, lightweight and highly recommended editing application!

Designed to be an easy-to-use editing application that leaves professional results, InShot has an incredible 4.8 points approved by Google Play, in addition to having very positive reviews. In addition, the developer is always attentive to suggestions and requests for improvements.

Edit your videos for TikTok with InShot

If you want to make professional edits but don’t have the budget, this app is for you. With InShot you can:

  • Crop pieces of video;
  • Mount video with your photos;
  • Add music;
  • Add filter;
  • Correct Colors;
  • Put stickers;
  • Create transition effect;
  • Blur background;
  • Slow down or speed up video time;
  • Crop the photos as you wish.

In addition to being able to make your videos for Tiktok with it, you can also edit for your Instagram and Youtube , as it saves the video in HD. The purpose doesn’t matter, what matters is that it will look professional.

You can also make memes to spread around, without relying on Facebook finds and humor pages.

inshot funcoes

The Difference Between Editor Vip and Free

Like many free applications nowadays, InShot also has a paid version that aims to give more functions to the user.

Therefore, the biggest difference between the paid and premium version is just the addition of more functions, such as stickers and transition.

You don’t need to have the paid version to use the Editor because it doesn’t put any watermark on the video when exporting, but the premium version will give you access to more editing options.

As the application is free and intuitive, it is not only made for those who produce content on the internet. A lot of people have been using the app just to edit their instagram photos, or spend time discovering new skills.

What are the prerequisites for InShot?

The only requirement of the application is that your operating system is Android and that it is version 3.0 and above. But the recommendation I make is to have at least 8GB of ram on your cell phone as it is an editing application.

Also avoid keeping the memory card full to avoid that it does not have space to save the videos, ok?

Another tip, if your phone has a problem or freezes while editing, is to clean your phone’s useless files, temporary files and the countless WhatsApp images that you don’t remember you have. Thus, your cell phone will have more space to run the operating system and will have space for your most used apps.

How do I share my edits?

When you finish your editing, it will save directly to your phone’s memory card, which is at \ sdcard \ InstaShot.

There are two interesting ways to share your edits.

The first is that, if you want to do it on your cell phone, just access the social network application where you want to share your new video or photo, search in the file manager and go straight to the InstaShot folder.

The second option is to connect the cell phone to a computer with a USB cable and access the same folders.

The coolest thing is that it already saves ready for Stores, so you can keep your audience well connected with you.

Where to download Inshot?

To download is very simple! Just access here at the link or search directly on Google Play for Application Name. Installation is quick and you can start editing right away.

Like the tip? Don’t forget to say what you think and tell us about your experience with this super cool app!

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