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TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly, refers to an application that allows you to record short videos, with musical dubs, dances, clips or humor scenes.
And amazingly, this application joined the list of the most downloaded in the United States in October, with 130 million users, and ahead of the giants Instagram and Facebook.
The application has become a phenomenon among young Asians, more specifically among the Chinese, but it is also quite successful here in our country and famous influencers on other social networks, such as Wanderson Nunes, have already reached the mark of 200,000 fans.
But did you know that you can earn money with this app? Did you like the news? Want to know how? So I invite you to read the entire article below!

Merger between TikTok and Musical.ly

In mid-August 2018, the Musical.ly dub application was purchased by ByteDance, owner of the existing TikTok, in a operation that cost US$ 1 billion.
After this transition, the two services were merged and the TikTok name was maintained, with the aim of becoming the main short video application worldwide and, at the time of the transaction, Musical.ly reached the 100 million mark of monthly active users.
Users of the old platform were migrated to the new application, without the need for a new profile, but the new version was redesigned and gained new video editing features, with the aim of instigating the public’s creativity through the videos. p>


TikTok in numbers

After the merger, app downloads grew by 20%, making TikTok reach the milestone of 130 million users in October, ahead of famous social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat in the United States and making a brief comparison, in the same period, Snapchat lost users and Twitter maintained its asset base.
In China, the highlight is that almost 9% of all users’ online time is dedicated to the app’s videos and more than a third of the 1.4 billion Chinese, the largest population in the world, are active in short video apps , and Tik Tok, called Douyin there, is a favorite among people of all ages, even the elderly.
The rapid growth can be attributed to the intense investment in advertising for the service, after all, ByteDance, the most valuable startup in the world, with a market value of US$ 75 billion, significantly added to the expenses aimed at publicizing the application, using various means ads.
With this competitor’s rapid growth, Facebook would be developing a direct competitor, called “Lasso”, the application would be an independent continuation of Lyp Sync Live, aimed at teenagers and which allows, like the other, to record short videos and apply dubbing resources.
In our country, profiles of celebrities such as Whindersson Nunes and Tirullipa, well known on YouTube and Instagram, reach the mark of 200,000 fans on Tik Tok and their publications exceed 500,000 likes, here called “hearts”. br />It is observed that the numbers of the application are outstanding and its use proves to be very fun and wide and with the passage of time TikTok has been gaining space in the market, facing strong competitors such as Facebook and Instagram, but its success, however, has its main origin in an effective business strategy.

TikTok’s business strategy

During the merger, ByteDance had clear goals, which revolved around numbers: 500 million active users and its proposal was to reach that mark to then recover all the investment obtained and start to profit from the application.
The passage seems open for this, since the number of downloads of the application does not stop rising every day and in the month of December 2018 alone, TikTok was downloaded by 75 million users, which was a record.
Currently, total installations on smartphones have already reached 1 billion and this was the seal that ByteDance needed to start the project of profitability with the application.

How does TikTok monetization work?

Even though it’s free, TikTok has ample monetization possibilities, and that’s why there was this whole fusion movement.
The main way to profit from the application is through advertising, as from December 2018, ads have started to be tested in the application and users have already seen campaigns from companies of all kinds.
Let’s face it, a large base of active users and impressive numbers of downloads are ideal for attracting advertisers to TikTok, however, the application took care to maintain segmented advertising, that is, that really interests users.
And because it has a younger audience, the space was intended more for companies that offer products and services suitable for this age group.
What you probably didn’t know is that before the ads, however, there was already a way to monetize, because as there are several profiles of artists in the beginning of their careers, the application allowed donations from followers and in this opportunity, the way to profit was to stay with a percentage of the money that was passed on to celebrities.

How does TikTok work?

TikTok is very similar to the idea of ​​the old Musical.ly: stimulating the creativity of musicians, allowing them to perform in front of the smartphone camera through video content.
However, the changes brought several editing possibilities, in addition to functions such as dubbing and many other ways of generating content and the application itself offers a collection of songs that can be dubbed by users, which makes using it very fun.
Having been on the platform for some time, many of these people have already become quite popular with millions of followers and this feature brings the application closer to other social networks, and this new format was ideal for the growth of the application.
There are also already seen and explored functions to gain followers on Instagram, such as filters, stickers and a series of other editing functions, and together, these elements provide users with the necessary tools to explore creativity.
Usage goes beyond voiceovers and music, with all sorts of fun content being aimed at a young audience that picks up very easily.
This famous short dubbing video app recently launched the TikBônus campaign so you can earn money watching clips on the platform.
We are pleased with this great news because the application is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phones, and provides rewards that can be converted into Real and withdrawn through PayPal.
The rewards process works through invitations sent to new TikTok users and the fulfillment of daily goals in missions.
The application has a list of questions and answers, where it seeks to explain some common questions about TikBônus, such as entering the new registration code, accessing the campaign page and earning coins.

How does the TikBônus campaign work?

Well, TikBônus is a temporary campaign (so stay tuned) that began to be promoted by TikTok in February, and ends now in December and to participate in the program to earn money watching TikToks , you need to access the app’s rewards banner in the “Me” tab and meet some requirements, such as being over 18 years old and having a PayPal account.
For new users of the Android operating system, TikTok grants BRL 0.60 for downloading and registering in the application.
This “bonus” program is given both to each new user who accepts the invitation to start using, and to the old one who already used TikTok, through the invitation, new and old users acquire a reward value, which can increase in case the new user uses TikTok for a few consecutive days.

How to invite people to the app?

The form of cash rewards involves the invitation made to new users through a link, accessed in the prize banner.
Access your TikTok account, search for “Me” and tap on the promotion banner symbolized by a golden coin, so you will have access to the campaign page and, when you tap on the “Invite” button, the “Invitation Code” will be granted and can be sent to friends via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook or by direct message.
For each “Invitation Code” sent by you and used by your friends, you earn BRL 2 and your friend earns BRL 1.10, in addition, if your friend uses TikTok for the next three days for three minutes, you earn BRL 1 extra, and the cash value can increase by up to BRL 7 if your friend continues to use the app for up to ten days in a row.

How to put the code on TikTok?

Your guest, who has never used TikTok, must access the link sent by you with the invitation, so he will be redirected to complete the download in the Google Play Store or App Store.
Upon completion of the download and installation, your guest must open the application and select the “Subscribe” option to proceed with the registration, once the login is completed, it is necessary to tap on the “TikBônus” and add the code sent by you in the “Invitation Code” section.

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What are the daily quests?

Money prizes are not limited to invitations sent and received, the platform lists missions that can be completed to earn more money using TikTok. a video on TikTok a day and read the rules, for example.
To check the tasks, you must enter the program’s page in the application through the banner symbolized by the golden coin in the “Me” tab, and complete the activities in this way, the greater the number of completed missions, the greater the reward in rubies.Oh, and TikTok’s virtual currency can be exchanged for reais and withdrawn through PayPal, where the fixed exchange rate is 10,000 rubies equal to R$ 1.

Who can participate in the campaign?

To participate in the TikBônus campaign, you must create and maintain an account during the promotion period, in addition, you must be over 18 years old and Brazilian (or have a permanent home in Brazil), and have a linked PayPal account to TikTok.

o fenomeno tiktok

How to redeem the money?

The money acquired becomes available on the promotion screen as soon as a friend accepts an invitation and the balance increases as missions are completed and to withdraw it, you need to have a PayPal account, and the amounts are divided into amounts of at least R$ 1.50.
Defined balances for withdrawal are available in amounts of R$5, R$10 and R$20, but you can also stipulate a defined amount, which can be withdrawn once the determined amount is reached.
Attention! Only one withdrawal per day via PayPal is allowed, and there is the possibility of including a fee for withdrawing money and the transaction time between TikTok and PayPal can be up to 15 days, with an additional 21 days for payment processing.


Digital influencers get sponsorships through the TikTok monetization team, brands or agencies and record labels, but in general, sponsorships come from a single video, marked as “paid promotion”.
A label can sponsor a particular TikTok star if they want to, if they believe the label is influential enough to promote a newly released song by one of their clients, leveraging the number of streams for the track.
In the case of official TikTok campaigns, such as the famous #Challenges, the app offers sponsorship directly to the content creator.

Sale of own products

This practice that influencers use to earn money on TikTok is aimed at designing and selling their own line of products, being clothes with phrases or prints associated with the lifestyle of the content creator, for example.
Before selling custom products, influencers need to build their personal online brand by creating a recognizable logo and planning a specific approach for a particular niche market.

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