How to earn Play Store credits to spend on games?






Is it possible to legitimately buy apps from the Play Store without spending a dime? The answer is yes and we will teach you how to earn Play Store credits.

Earning Play Store credits is very useful as they don’t work like discount coupons where you need to buy the product for X amount to apply the discount. You pay using your balance in credits without having to spend anything!

But it’s important to point out that this method won’t make you rich, it’s just Google’s way of rewarding those who are willing to do their research. Knowing that, let’s get down to business!

  • How to earn Play Store credits?

Have you heard of Google Rewards? It’s a program made by Google with the intention of users answering some surveys and getting rewarded for it. Therefore, the amount of credits you will answer will depend on how many surveys you answer.

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The tool is free and just needs to be used in the same email account where you want to have the games via Google Play, otherwise it will go to email -email that you registered with Google Reawards and you will not be able to transfer it to another email account.

The credits are valid for 1 year, so you can easily expect to accumulate the value of a loving game and redeem it later.

Let’s go step by step to start earning credits!

  1. First, access the app on your android via this link or by searching for Google Opinion Rewards.
  2. Install it on your mobile phone and log in with the same account you use on Google Play. li>
  3. On the homepage, the searches available to do at that moment will appear.

By answering the surveys until the end, the credit is in your account and the Balance is on the home page.

  • How to use Google Rewards credits on the Play Store?

When you add the balance you want, just click on Play Store, within the search application itself, browse until you find the game you want and buy with balance.

If you prefer, you can also access it directly through the Play Store application, choose the game that is within the balance and buy. To find out if it fits the amount or not, just look at the balance in the survey application.

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  • How many surveys does it take to earn a lot of play store credits?

The number of surveys varies depending on availability and the payment offer at that time, so there is no way to estimate a fixed amount.

It’s important to remember that this is a method to reward you for your effort, but you won’t get rich by answering these questions, okay?

And you, already use this method to get credits to buy games through the play store? Tell us about your experience!

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