Where can I buy Google Play credits?






Need to top up Google Play credits to purchase your apps? The options for doing this are simple and you won’t have to worry about having a credit card!

The options for buying Google Play credits are varied and aim to reach as many people as possible. It exists through physical stores, virtual stores and payment applications. Just check the list:

  • Buy credits for Google play through secure websites

What you actually buy is a gift card that can be inserted into anyone’s account. That’s why it’s so practical, but you need to be careful with the details of the gift card, as it is non-refundable and can only be used once.

In online stores, you can buy credits for Google Play through these websites:

  1. American;
  2. GCM Games;
  3. Zero3games;

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  • Buy credits for Google play through payment apps

If by chance you don’t want to create an account on a website because you already have an account on one of the apps below, then just access and log in. Check the list:

  1. Picpay – Go to Suggestions, already inside the application, click on Google Play and choose between R$30.00 and R$50.00. It will ask for the payment method and installment amount, if you want to pay in installments;
  2. Banco Inter – Go to Gift Cards, choose Google Play, choose the amount and click continue, then agree with the terms and click buy.
  3. Ame digital – Go to Transactions and click on Gift Card, select the payment method and that’s it.

We have separated here only forms of payment, both sites and applications, reliable and easy to access, but on the official Google Play website there are still several options.


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  • Buy credits for Google play in a physical store

But if you prefer to shop without worrying about apps and websites, because you have money in hand and are in a hurry, there are other options.

Several physical stores have a printed Gift Card that you can buy directly at the checkout without any bureaucracy. You can search in the following physical stores:

  1. American;
  2. PagueMenos (pharmacy);
  3. Extra;
  4. Sugar Loaf;
  5. Casas Bahia;
  6. Carrefour;
  7. Ponto Frio;
  8. Magazine Luiza;
  9. Big;
  10. Big good job;
  11. Assaí Atacadista;
  12. Gazin;
  13. Colombo Stores;
  14. Super Muffato;
  15. Le buscuit;
  16. Condor.

See how easy it is to find a store near you that sells Google Play credits? Now just select the one that best represents you and go shopping!

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