How to prove income as self-employed? see that in this article.






Being self-employed has several facilities, but a major difficulty in the middle is proving income. Proof of income is important when you need to apply for a credit card, finance a good or open a credit card. But how to prove income working as a freelancer?

What are you spending it on?

Before you need to prove your income, you need to prove your expenses. How so?



The money that passes through your hand needs to be registered somewhere, so it’s important to get into the habit of depositing into the account. But this is not enough. That same account needs to be used to pay your bills, even if it’s something as silly as R$5.00 at the supermarket.

Having a movement of money in your name is important.

Use extra bank to prove income

Now that you understand about moving your bank account, make it a habit to take the monthly statement and save it.

The way you move your account will say a lot about your income and your account statement, even when they are from competing banks, are always asked to help. Proof of income by the statement will be through the monthly movement.

Declare your taxes to prove income

If you are exempt from Income Tax, which is done once a year and sent to the Federal Revenue, know that yes, you can do it anyway.

Income taxes are the best proof of income you can provide, in most cases, but they will always be a reflection of the past year. So it’s always good to take bank statements with you to show how things are in the present.

The tax return can be done directly with an accountant.

Invoices and proof of payment in your name

From the rent receipt, to the one received from the credit card at the local store that is not included in the SPC. Ideally, these receipts should be signed and fully completed, as they prove not only your income, but your good paying history.

To have invoices in your name, you can request them in large supermarkets, such as wholesalers, stores, etc. In these cases, just ask to include your CPF in the note.

Do DECORATE to prove income as a self-employed person

The DECORE, an abbreviation for Proof of Income Perception Statement, is a document proving income for those who do not have a CNPJ or employment relationship. It is done with a licensed accountant and serves as definitive proof of income.

This magical document is better than all your bank statements put together, since it was guided by an accountant who did the gathering of truthful information. Along with DECORE, it is still important to have the Income Tax receipt in hand.

Increases your chances of being approved

Proof of income alone does not solve the problem of approving financing, applying for credit and opening accounts. Therefore, there are some tips that can help with approval and that you can follow on a daily basis without drastic changes in routine.

Make the positive registration – The Positive Registration is a modality created by SERASA, in its site, to give the consumer an automated way to prove himself a good payer. In it, just send photos of receipts, paid bills and invoices that are in your name, whenever they are generated.

This registration is important because it increases your SCORE score, which is the score used to decide whether you are a good payer or a bad payer. The higher your score, the better your chances of being approved.

Avoid delays in accounts and negative CPF – The SCORE always decreases a little when an account, which is in your name, is delayed or protested. That’s why it’s important to keep your bills up to date and not delay any.

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