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Need it consult CPF for free and don’t know how to do it? Some time ago, this could be done by going to the CDL. Or an accountant, or a lanhouse, which charged an average amount of R$5.00 per consultation.

However, Serasa has created a quick and practical online method that allows you not only to consult how many as many times as you want, but also allows you to keep track of queries made on your behalf. And detail everything for free and online or through the serasa app.

See in this article not only how to check your CPF, but how to close quick deals and how to monitor your CPF.

Inclusion of name in SPC/SERASA strong>

The inclusion of the name in SERASA (Centralização de Serviços das Bancos) occurs when a creditor company (where it was the debt is made), after several friendly attempts at negotiation, informs Serasa, through the customer’s personal data, that there is a debt and it has not been paid.

With the inclusion of the name in SERASA, other companies may see that the customer may not be a good payer and selling forward to him is a high risk.

As such, it is always very important to take care that your name is not included in the credit network as debtor, because with a clean name for a long time and with purchases paid on time, your credit score increases. With a good score, that’s when you can pay for larger purchases in installments, such as real estate and cars.

How to query CPF for free?

The safest way to consult CPF is to go directly to the SERASA website by clicking here. When you get there, go to Free Registration on the purple button in the upper-right corner of the screen. It will redirect you to a page where it will ask for basic data about you. Here it is important to inform true data and contacts that you really has access, because it is through it that you will receive more information about your CPF.

You will receive in your e-mail a confirmation link about your registration. If it doesn’t show up in your inbox, always check your junk or spam folder and then mark their email as safe. He will always help you with better deals and let you know when your name is included in the credit protection bank, so it’s always good to keep an eye on the emails they send you.

With registration done, to consult CPF just go to client area span> and that’s it! It will show you a summary of all your debts on the same home page. If there is none, he also has an account.

But to make it easier:

  • Go to My CPF: strong>
  • See if any issue has a number and choose it;
  • When you click, it will inform the amount of the debt, when it was made and where;
  • If there is an agreement, it tells the discount amount too.

How can I close agreements for free with my negative CPF?

Still on the SERASA website, when you click on an open debt that is on the panel, it offers you an agreement within the site, in case the creditor company has released one.

This agreement is completely secure and can be done without leaving your home. So, before confirming that you want to pay, make sure you can pay. After clicking to see the payment methods and applied discounts, just inform the payment method.

If it’s in cash, it will generate a slip on the date you choose, but if it’s in installments, you will need to provide credit card data that is in your name . When the agreement is paid, the site itself takes care of informing the creditor to remove the name from the negative, or forwards a guideline for what you should do afterwards.

What is score in Serasa and why does it work?

The Score is your good payer score. The higher you are, the more reliable you are to get into bigger debt. It is often consulted for credit card purchases, installment purchases of cars and real estate.

Your Score goes down fast every time you delay an account or when your name is negatived. When you are late, the score drops very little, but when it is negative, the drop is high and it takes time to go up again.

Therefore, even if your debts are more than 5 years old, try to close a deal for everyone and pay on time whenever possible.

Quick questions about querying CPF

How many times can I query CPF?

  • You can consult as many times as you want, the SERASA website does not charge for the consultation if the CPF is yours.

How do I receive SMS every time my CPF is consulted?

  • You need to purchase SERASA’s monthly or annual plan. It allows you to be notified by SMS and email every time your CPF is consulted, your score goes up or down or is included in the negative.

Does name cleanup really work?

Serasa has direct access to agreements with companies, as they allow this access. Therefore, whenever he releases an agreement that allows him to clear his name, yes, it works. Did you like the tips?

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