How to increase your sales through social media






Although it seems like a seven-headed animal, selling at home is a strategy that many Brazilians are using to increase their income and overcome the negative achievements of 2020, so we will teach you how to increase your sales through social networks.

But many are still having so much trouble getting their products out there fast that they soon get discouraged and can’t understand how other people do it. Thinking about it, we put together this list with 3 tips on how to increase your sales through social networks.



01 – Use social networks with cool photos

Technology today has the power to bring people together. That’s why selling from home requires the use of the internet, as it reaches more potential customers and increases the chances of selling for the price you want.

But the biggest mistake of those who sell through social networks, like Facebook, is taking dark, shaky or unattractive photos.

The tip is to arrange the product so that it is the highlight, but makes its beauty evident. If used, it needs to show the defects as well, as it avoids repetitive questions.

In some cases, like Mercado Livre, having a product photo on a white background helps to differentiate from scammers, so don’t use too edited photos.

Another important tip is, if it’s a new product or food, try hiring a designer to base the images, making them more attractive. Check out an example:

On social media, people are bought by their eyes, not their smell or hearing, so invest in beautiful photos!

02 – Be polite and respond to comments

As a good promoter that you are, because you want to sell a lot of products, you will post in several places and more than once a day. But it happens that your potential customer might find it easier to comment on the post than to contact you, so always be wary of notifications.

Try to respond to all comments as politely and kindly as possible.

If the service takes place via chat, or conversation via WhasApp, avoid taking a long time to respond. It’s better to be late in saying hello than to leave the other waiting with the conversation half done.

And if the customer comes with the same questions you’re tired of answering, answer them anyway. It sucks, but he doesn’t know how many times a day you’ve answered the same thing.

03 ​​– Disclose differently in each place

Another mistake people make is posting the same thing in all 30 Facebook groups they post in, Instagram and Whatsapphref=” a>. Ideally, each post should have a different post, with more or less unique text and images in the right format for each platform.

It’s a lot of work having to edit everything that way, without a doubt, but the result is positive, because the client doesn’t ignore the posts because he thinks he’s seen them before.

Another important detail: Don’t spam!

Did you like the tips? Don’t forget to tell us what you think and tell us what you do to sell more!

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