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If you’ve ever had to take payments online, you’ve probably heard the term “digital wallet”, right? But what is it and what is it for?

Whoever works in the digital environment today, whether to sell physical products or digital products, needs to have a way to receive their payments and make life easier for those who will pay. That’s why digital wallets exist and in this text you’ll find out what they are and how to choose yours.

What is a digital wallet and who is it for?

Just as a savings account works as a wallet where you keep your money, today there are digital accounts that do that too. They generate simple means for you to receive your money without having to worry about endless queues at the bank, or having to open a physical account with high fees and monthly fees.

Basically, digital wallets do not charge you to keep your money there and there are even those that encourage leaving it there, as it can yield more than savings. But there are some that charge a fee per transaction received.

Each digital wallet has its own way of working and its own privacy policies, but with them you can facilitate receipts by bank slip, credit card and even create a monthly subscription system.

Interested? Let’s get to know the most famous ones and what each one offers so you can choose yours!

PagSeguro: Boletos, signature and installment payments in one place!

Belonging to the Uol group, PagSeguro is the most famous virtual wallet in Brazil. When it comes to receipts by bank slip, it still leads the number of registrations. Today, with its card machines of different sizes spread across micro-enterprises around the country, it is undoubtedly a viable choice.

Services provided by Pagseguro to its customers

  • Boleto;
  • Monthly subscription system with direct charge by credit card;
  • Credit card installment;
  • Amounts retained until confirmation of product delivery for a period of 14 business days;

Services provided by PagSeguro for you

  • Prepaid card with credit function and international flag;
  • Direct use of the account balance on the prepaid card;
  • Your balance earns 10% more than the savings account;

Pagseguro can be used both to make online purchases and to be a payment method for your customers.

In both cases, your data is safe and safe from possible cloning attempts.

carteira digital picpay

Picpay: Get and pay with no fees!

With the boom in artist lives, you already know that Picpay exists, right? But guess what, it’s not just for donations!

Picpay works like a different virtual wallet: It does not deduct any fees for anything!

With it you can pay at the grocery store on the corner, if it also has picpay, with the QR or looking for its name in the list of nearby establishments, because yes, it uses your GPS to find establishments that work with it.


In addition, you can leave the money yielding there, pay your bills for it and have part of the money returned as a reward for having done it through the app, crowdfunding with your friends to split the pizza, etc.

Picpay withdrawal does not charge per transaction, it only asks you to wait a minimum of 2 business days and has no minimum amount.

Ah, he also has a prepaid card that goes through the credit function and deducts it directly from his balance, okay? So it’s great for online shopping too.

Nubank: Credit card with no annual fee!

We’ve already talked about nubank here, but it doesn’t hurt to remember this online bank that it also has an integrated virtual wallet.

Many will not consider Nubank as a virtual wallet, but as it also allows the balance to be applied by bank slip and everything is done online, there’s no reason not to be here.

Take a look at our text about Nubank and tell us if you agree with us, okay?

Paypal: Installment by credit card and fast withdrawal!

Paypal is perhaps the most objectively focused digital wallet on this list. That’s because it hasn’t added as many options as the others, but it remains firm and strong in what it does.

Paypal is a virtual wallet that works with the credit function. That’s right! If you have a paypal login, a registered credit card or account balance, you can buy only with your email and password in any virtual store that uses Paypal as a payment method.

It is still considered the safest option for online purchases on international sites, such as Aliexpress, and has been used to receive payments for service provision.

Your rates work according to the payment method, so you need to study them before telling the customer that you are paying in 12 installments without interest, right?

Virtual wallets are dominating more and more space, but what about your life? How are they? Tell us about it and don’t forget to share our content with your friends!

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