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Many people face problems when they intend to take a course, and among the reasons, there are two main ones: the distance and the financial condition to pay the monthly fee or the full amount of the course. course.

But luckily we have the solution for that, with Senac’s free online courses you can do everything without leaving home and without paying anything. Check out the article we’ve prepared below and learn everything about free senac courses.

How to enroll in Senac 2021 free courses?

The advantage of enrolling in Senac 2021 free courses is that the entire enrollment process is done over the Internet. In this way, people can enroll in the courses they want, even without leaving their homes. That way, you only need a computer and the Internet to register on Senac’s website, and it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete the process. See how to complete the registration process for senac 2021 free courses step by step:

  1. First you need to access Senac’s official website;
  2. When entering the site, you must select the region of the country and state where you live;
  3. Then go to the menu options bar and click on “SENAC Free Program”;
  4. By doing so, you will be redirected to the page where all courses with open vacancies will be displayed;
  5. View all options and select the option you want to enroll;
  6. At the end of this last step, you must fill in the application form to apply for the desired vacancy;
  7. Fill in the form with all the requested information and submit it at the end.

What do I need to enroll in Senac courses?

The requirements to enroll in senac’s free online courses are as follows:

  • The main rule is that students must be a minimum of 14 years old and a maximum of 22 years old;
  • If the student is a minor, he must be enrolled and attending school regularly, and at least be in Elementary School II of the public network;
  • For those who graduated from high school, you must have completed it in a public school.
  • However, students who completed high school on a full scholarship from a private school are also entitled to enroll;
  • Students who declare themselves to be low-income students must prove the salary of all family members in the last 3 months to verify this information;
  • Only those who have never completed one of Senac’s free online courses can participate;
  • People who have been selected but dropped out of the course must wait at least two years before applying again.

About Senac

The National Service for Commercial Learning, which is better known by its acronym Senac, is a professional education institution focused on the trade of goods, services and tourism. This entity was created in the State of São Paulo in 1946 to bring knowledge to people and companies.

Since it is always attentive to the needs of companies and the labor market, Senac has developed professionalizing courses in different modalities and areas of knowledge. Through its fixed and mobile sectors throughout the country, it offers hundreds of options in all regions of Brazil.

In the last 70 years, since its creation, the agency has trained more than 40 million professionals for the job market, mainly in the areas of goods, services and tourism , which changed their lives and promoted the development of their careers. The agency provides the following services in its units:

  • EAD courses;
  • Free Courses;
  • Courses for Companies;
  • Courses for Young Apprentices;
  • Technical Courses;
  • University Extension;
  • Graduation;
  • Distance graduation;
  • Graduate;
  • Distance graduate.

Senac trains more than 1.7 million Brazilians in the job market each year and serves more than 1,850 cities. Currently, the agency is recognized as a synonym of excellence and quality throughout the country.

How do the courses offered by Senac work?

The institution has a portfolio of courses that covers all areas of trade in goods, services and tourism. Too many choices make people often get lost among them. See below how each modality of Senac courses works.

Free Courses

Open Courses are short courses on specific topics. The teaching methods of these free courses are Initiation and Professional Training, which are usually used by those who want to work in areas where business needs are strong, whether they want to work on their own or add knowledge to professionals.

The institution offers hundreds of free courses in different areas of knowledge. These are the most popular courses taught by the institution. Some examples of live courses offered are listed below:

  • Hairdresser;
  • Cut and Sew;
  • Senior Caregiver;
  • Barber Course;
  • Gastronomy Courses;
  • Cell Phone Maintenance Course;
  • Manicure and Pedicure;
  • Receptionist.

Technical courses

The technical courses at Senac are regulated by the MEC (Ministry of Education), therefore, they must reach a certain number of hours. Unlike free courses, technical courses have a longer duration and therefore consist of more comprehensive and preaching content.

In this way, a technical course is normally given to those who are attending high school so that, after graduation, they can graduate from the course and enter the job market to pursue your career.

See some examples of courses offered:

  • Administration Technician;
  • Nursing Technician;
  • Computer Technician;
  • Podiatry Technician;
  • Occupational Safety Technician.

Senac Free Courses (PSG and Scholarships)

It’s the Senac Free Program which offers free Senac courses. Through PSG, institutions in several regions offer scholarships to low-income people who intend to specialize/professionalize in the areas of trade in goods, services and tourism.

That is why the agency promotes social inclusion and helps those who cannot learn and find better conditions in the job market. Most units offer free courses through PSG. To participate, interested parties must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum monthly family income of up to 02 (two) minimum wages;
  • Meet the requirements of the selected course;
  • Not be attending Senac in your region receiving a scholarship.

The selection process rules are specified on the Senac website, which offers free scholarships through PSG. For more detailed information, visit the Senac page for your region.

EAD Courses

EAD (Distance Education) courses are the benchmark for this type of education. As the name suggests, these courses are offered remotely in an online learning environment on the institution’s own website.

However, unlike online courses, distance courses are not completely virtual: students will have to go to the teaching center when necessary to carry out some related activities to your courses.

The content of distance learning courses has the same quality found in a normal course, the difference is in teaching in a virtual environment. They usually have more economical costs and contain different teaching methods and different levels of learning. Visit the Senac EAD website for more information and to see which courses are available.

Young Apprentice

The partner companies of this institution offer business learning courses for young people as apprentices. When hired as an apprentice by the company, the young person must participate in training/apprenticeship courses within the scope of the company contract.

Many companies choose Senac to teach these courses. Therefore, to accept a youth internship course at Senac, you must first be indicated by the company that hired you as an apprentice.

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