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For those who are interested in obtaining a degree with less bureaucracy, the distance learning course can be a great alternative, as it offers a degree or distance learning specialization ( Distance learning). In addition, it is a very valid teaching modality and can facilitate many Brazilians who wish to acquire a diploma in a simple way. It is worth mentioning that, for those who want to study with total comfort, practicality and flexibility, we can say that distance learning courses can be a good option, especially for those who cannot travel to a college or university to take courses in the face-to-face modality. .

What is EAD and how does it work?

DE is a distance learning modality, which means teaching without face-to-face teaching. Currently, this option has gained prominence, especially in the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, many have chosen to take distance courses and even colleges and universities have adhered to this method to further prevent the spread of this virus. In addition, for those interested in studying in a simpler and more economical way, distance learning is an excellent teaching option.

Nowadays, there are a variety of courses that are available in the distance method, such as technicians, languages, undergraduate and even postgraduate courses, which you can choose from among the best teaching alternatives. Despite this form of teaching having gained prominence and many students, there are still many doubts regarding distance learning. However, it is worth remembering that a way of studying in a simple way, which offers greater practicality, since teaching takes place virtually, consisting of virtual rooms in which students can attend classes, access content and complete tasks sent by the teacher .

Moreover, the EAD provides its students with a variety of tools so they can get closer to their studies, such as chats, videoconferences and discussion forums between teachers and students , all in a simple and totally virtual way, which makes it a lot easier. Although teaching is at a distance, there are some face-to-face activities, such as laboratory practices, meetings, tests and TCC (Course Completion Work), which vary according to the course taken.

Who can do distance learning?

As we have seen, distance learning can be a good opportunity to get the long-awaited diploma. In this way, anyone can take the EAD, however, they must have completed high school and have access to the internet, since the course is carried out virtually. Having these requirements, just choose the desired course and enter the college of interest. Remembering to check if the desired course is recognized by the Ministry of Education. For this, it is necessary to access the MEC page and verify this information.

After this process, just prepare all the elements for the selection process, similar to face-to-face courses. In this case, it is necessary to take a written test for the desired institution, which includes objective, discursive and essay questions. It is worth noting that most institutions offer the written test in person. In this way, if you are interested in joining the EAD college, you should keep in mind that you will take the test in person, according to the educational institution. Highlighting that there are many institutes that consider the Enem (National High School Examination) scores.

EAD Advantages

EAD can offer a variety of advantages, especially for those who have a daily rush and are interested in keeping their studies in line. Check out the advantages offered by distance learning:

  • Conciliation between work and study.
  • Time flexibility.
  • Time savings over commuting.
  • Lower tuition costs.
  • Greater student autonomy.
  • Virtual interaction between students and teachers.
  • Virtual content to support teaching.
  • Greater diversity of teaching methods.
  • Huge variety of courses.
  • Development of emotional intelligence, focus, responsibility and organization.

DE target audience

The EAD aims to attract students who wish to combine studies and work. Generally, the EAD is intended for those students who are interested in having a degree, but have little freedom of time in their daily lives. Therefore, the EAD has as its target audience people who need to reconcile studies and work, and who have less free time to travel to a face-to-face university. In this way, EAD can provide students with a simple way to obtain a diploma, through flexible schedules, which can reconcile and organize time for their studies.

EAD and on-campus diploma

A good part of the concerns of many students in relation to distance learning has to do with the validity of the diploma. Most students who are interested in joining an institution that offers distance learning have doubts about the validity of the diploma and miss out on an opportunity in the job market. However, you need to keep in mind that face-to-face courses and EAD are also valid by the Ministry of Education, following the same criteria, the difference is the teaching method, which consists of face-to-face and distance learning. For this, it is enough for the educational institution to be accredited by the Ministry of Education, offering the required content and the workload determined by the MEC. In this case, the diploma available in the EAD is valid for use in the job market.

Types of distance courses

Supplementary Elementary and High School

Intended for students who failed to complete elementary and high school. In this case, students are able to complete their studies even at a distance through the CEEJA (State Center for Youth and Adults).

Open and preparatory courses

This category of course is independent of the MEC and can be used for a particular sector of work or even to prepare for a competition or entry into an educational institution, offering greater flexibility.

Technical courses

Short courses for those who want to quickly enter the job market, which are regulated by MEC and have a valid certificate.


Graduate course similar to the face-to-face one, but at a distance, offering the same workloads, same contents and valid diploma, since it is accredited by the MEC and has flexible hours .


This one is intended for those who want flexible schedules, reconciling study and work. It has the same validities as the face-to-face course and offers some face-to-face meetings.

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