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Have you ever thought about having an extra income doing crochet? So know that it’s possible, even if you don’t know anything about crochet. In this article, we separate 3 tips for free courses for beginners that will help you a lot in this beginning of learning.



Crochet is no longer considered something old-fashioned that only grandmas can do. People of different ages are investing in crochet, both to make it their profession and to decorate their home and leave it with their own face.

But what many imagine is that crochet is a difficult craft to learn and that only those who have the gift can do it. That’s why we’ve separated 3 online crochet courses to do for free and learn from home!

  • Course without certificate made by youtube

If you’re the type that gets along better watching YouTube videos and your intention is just to learn, but to learn well, we’ve separated three channels that explain calmly and in detail. The advantage of taking the online crochet course on YouTube is that you can rewind the video several times, speed it up or slow it down.

The other advantage of taking a free course on YouTube is that you don’t need to follow a minimum time to study.

The recommendation we give when attending classes is to always try to have a needle and thread together, even if they are not the same ones they are using in the courses.

  • 1 – JNY crochet

JNY made a complete course explaining the step by step with doubts for beginners. She always focuses the camera on the crochet and always repeats the parts she finds most difficult to understand.

Her way of explaining is calm and she tries to explain basically everything as it is 100% focused for beginners.

  • 2 – Online crochet course with Learn Café certificate

The online course made by learncafe lasts 7 days, is free and has a certificate at the end, which makes it easy to prove whether you really know what you’re doing.

There are 25 classes divided by theme and focusing on teaching how to assemble specific pieces, such as rugs and towels.

To participate, access this link and enter your registration. Never forget to use a valid email that allows you to access and recover your password later, okay?

  • 3 – Crochet course with certificate from WR Educacional

The online crochet course offered by WR Educacional focuses on more advanced people who seek to improve their knowledge and make their work unique. p>

The focus is the crochet designer where making beautiful and efficient pieces is the differential of this course. It’s also free and will also give you a certificate at the end.

To take your course, just click here.

So, did you like the tips and do you have any other courses you took that you think are great and want to recommend them to everyone? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments, huh?

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