How to simulate the value of the installments of the Moto Honda CG 160






The Honda CG 160 is one of the best-selling motorcycle models in the country. It has several versions, such as Titan Ex, available in blue, red and black. Also, due to the huge cost advantage, many people are looking to understand the value of Moto Honda performance.


One of the easiest, most practical and free ways to get answers is the simulation. Simulating the purchase of a bicycle, you can understand all the conditions of the bicycle. For example: the amount of installments, interest rates, payment terms and other information.

To illustrate all these issues, let’s consider financing a Honda CG motorcycle, as this can be done through a national consortium organized by the brand itself (Honda). Learn more about these purchases, bikes and packages.

Honda CG Consortium

A syndicate is a form of finance that allows people to buy a variety of high-value goods, such as motorcycles. One of the most famous national Honda consortia in the country is the country that buys Honda motorcycles. Considering the financing of motorcycles in banks, the advantage is that it does not require a down payment and does not charge interest. Although an administration fee may apply, it will be mentioned at the end of the article.

Another advantage is that interested parties can pay a fixed amount each month until the end of the contract, and the motorcycle installment amount will not change significantly.

To exclude the motorcycle or the letter of credit, the person can wait for the termination of the contract. If you are lucky, you can also choose you in the regular draws or even choose to withdraw the card before the deadline.

The performance value of Honda CG motorcycles

The brand automatically concluded the purchase simulation of Honda motorcycles on its digital platform. This is because, as it is a consortium, the person has already received a fixed monthly fee based on the term of the contract and the credit limit.

When we talk about CG Titan EX, let’s consider the value of the plan installments. At MegaFácil, for the 80-month plan, the installment amount is 202 reais, for example, for the 12-month plan, the installment amount can reach 1,234 reais.

On the Super Legal Plan, there are only 80 months and the payment in installments is 218 reais. There is also the Conquista plan, which has a monthly fee of R$261 for 60 months, or R$424 per month for 36 months. At Multichance, it’s 60 months. R 282 times and R 458 times.

Consortium hiring Moto Honda CG

If the first thing to make an informed choice in the financial market is to simulate a purchase, the last thing is to rent the product. But how do you hire the Honda Consortium? Even now you know the value of Moto Honda benefits.

So to do this you must be at least 18 years old as this is a universal central bank regulation and exists across the country. So, assuming you’ve already done the simulation online, there aren’t many secrets after that.

You can contact the brand through the website. They will then send you information about dealers near you. Alternatively, you can also search for the distributor in the option “Find the nearest distributor” on the website.

It is necessary to consider Honda’s credit analysis through Honda Bank. Therefore, not all requests are accepted. Therefore, when filling out your order, the waiter will ask you for some personal documents, such as your identity card and social security fund, as well as proof of income and address.

Honda Honda CG consortium interest rate

In every financial contract we enter into, the ideal is always to analyze what the interest rate is. This is very important, so that in the end we will not make the wrong choice when borrowing a loan, syndicate or loan.

So it is surprising for you to know that we will list some of the Honda National Consortium costs here. Keep in mind that the cost varies depending on the type of plan you are interested in.

For example, on a 25-month plan, the administration fee can be as high as 0.89%. The contribution to the community fund is 4.04%. The reserve fund interest rate is 0.06%.

Now, if you don’t like this contract that is just over 2 years old, know that you should check Honda’s tariff schedule. Previously, automakers kept the tables online, but now we cannot find them. Therefore, the best way out is to inform the dealers near you about the price.

contact Honda

After understanding the value of Moto Honda installments, you may be interested in renting this type of installment. Or maybe you just want to know more about Honda bikes.

The fact is that the brand maintains direct contact by phone with anyone who wants to talk about it. The number is toll free, write to: 0800-055-2221. For emergencies and off-hours, this number is another toll-free number: 0800-777-6686.

For those who want to know Honda’s current address, visit or send letters, the means of contact is: Av. Senador Roberto Símonsen, 304. It is located in San Cattano Sul (SP), telephone CEP 09530-401.

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