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One ​​of the largest operators in the country, vivo is always looking for different and intelligent ways to bring more convenience and promotions to its customers. One of the most effective ways to help people who have prepaid credit and end up without a data package is vivo Ads.

If you are a Vivo customer and still did not know about this incredible solution for those times when the need for the internet is greater than the balance to hire the package, enjoy. You will be able to access data packages for free through these ads in a simple and effective way.

Get to know Vivo Ads and never miss a connection again!

How does Vivo Ads work?

Vivo Ads is an advertising platform from Vivo, in which advertisers pay for customers to have access to a data package by watching ads . This is excellent for all parties, because advertisers have their message disclosed, customers have a free internet package and Vivo gets paid for intermediation.

In this sense, it is essential to understand that these packages may have some specific issues, such as a shorter expiration date or even asking you to fill out some kind of survey. All of this information will be communicated to you and you can always drop the package midway through the process if you don’t agree with any of the requirements.

Another interesting point to be verified is that, unlike other environments where you watch ads to get benefits, such as apps and games, Viva Ads ads can really help you, as all advertisers are national and you might even find out about a good promotion or learn about some benefit that you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

That is, in addition to gaining internet access, you can also take the opportunity to make smarter purchase choices and find out about events and news!

How to earn free internet with Vivo Ads?

The procedure is simple, and we’ll teach you this step by step: p>

  1. Open your 3g internet. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a balance, the site we’ll teach you doesn’t consume your data.
  2. Enter this site: . You will see a series of banners presenting possible packages that you can get for free through advertising.
  3. Choose one of the available banners and watch the advertisement. Follow all steps of Vivo ads or you will not receive the data package.
  4. You will receive an on-screen message or an SMS confirming your free package!

As you can see, it’s something simple and easy to do, but it’s important to keep in mind that this type of package is not the same thing as a recharge, so it won’t help if you’re about to lose your number due to lack of recharges.

What can I do with the Vivo Ads data package?

The data package you get from Vivo Ads can be used for any question that uses the internet, although it is always coherent to remember that some questions do not consume your data, depending on the package you need to use.

Some promotions, such as free facebook and whastapp, will not need this data to be used, so it is always interesting to remember what you have available for you. We always recommend that you use the Vivo Ads internet as the penultimate way to gain access, always keeping advance credit as the last choice.

Another interesting tip is to always keep an eye on your Apps, such as spotify. This type of app, which consumes a considerable amount of data from your plan, has the possibility of reducing data costs by reducing audio quality or even related downloads.

By avoiding recklessly using your data you will allow your plan data and those of Vivo Ads to last longer. Another example of more consistent data use is downloading series while using fixed Wi-Fi and watching them offline while on the go.

We hope this information makes your life easier and allows you to have even more practicality in your life! See you next time!

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