Learn how to buy cheap cars at auction






Buying a car or motorcycle is the dream of many Brazilians, but buying the first car is not always easy. This is often a necessity, not just a whim, so people end up looking for the most viable and profitable way to acquire their new assets.

Some of the available options are loans, installments and auction options. But to get a good deal, you need to understand all the things that come with buying a vehicle at auction. Do you know how the whole process works?


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Some industry investors claim that it is worth buying many vehicles because they are in good condition and prices are well below market. But you always have to focus on doing a good deal and not leaving a loss. For this, some skills will be essential.

Are you interested in tips for investing in your dream car at auction? So stay here as we will do some discussion on this topic.

Know a little about auctions.

First, let’s talk about the condition of the cars that will be auctioned.When the car or motorcycle is financed and the owner eventually delays paying the installment, the finance company will pay. After some time, the vehicle will finally be auctioned. At the time of sale, the finance company will receive the remaining amount, with the remainder being given to the state government or the company that carried out the auction.

Another method is to completely disable the car in the event of a collision. If the person has insurance, he will keep the value of the car and, as the value of the car is invalid for the insurer, he sells it to the Detran or to the auctioneer that sold the car.

In addition, the Detran auctions cars that were arrested for breach of contract in the records. Do you know when you have these rays to check if the document is regularized? Well, when a car is picked up, it sits in the yard for a while. If it is not redeemed within this maximum period, it will be sent to auction.

Tips for making the right choice.

Today, there are many auctions, even online auctions. The advantage is that the options will only increase, but you have to be very careful and be very attentive to the recommendations that interest you. The idea of ​​​​buying a car without leaving your home is great, and many experts recommend that you carefully evaluate the car before making any transaction.

“You have to be very careful about hidden costs when advertising. Sometimes you think the car is cheap, but then you realize you have to pay a fine of 15,000 reais, and you didn’t see it”, comments civil engineer Giuliano Tognetti , We can take another tip: seriously fulfilling the contract is essential .

In addition to analyzing the contract, it is more important to understand the state of the vehicle. Some people have suggested that, if possible, have a mechanic appraise the car before signing the contract. Then find out if the full amount is still worth it.

In conclusion.

Buying a car at auction can be important because, in most cases, its price is much lower than the market price. Please consider the tips provided earlier and see if this is your best option right now.

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