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The free courses are a great option for those who want to study, either to qualify for the job market or to improve in a certain area. In Brazil, there are several institutions that offer free courses, such as Senai, Senac and Sesc.

For those looking for a free course, it is important to research the options available and choose the one that best meets your needs. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best free courses in Brazil and where to find them.

The importance of free courses

The importance of free courses is important for several reasons. First, they allow people to increase their knowledge in an affordable way. In addition, free courses also contribute to the democratization of knowledge, since everyone can have access to them, regardless of their financial situation.

Another important point is that free courses are usually offered by renowned institutions, which guarantees a good quality of teaching. Finally, it is worth noting that free courses are often recognized by the job market and can even lead to hiring.

Where to find the best free courses in Brazil

Knowledge is a precious commodity, and acquiring it for free is even better. With that in mind, we created a relationship with the best free courses in Brazil. Here you will find options to improve in different areas, from programming to health, among others. As we know that time is at a premium, we only select quality courses that can be completed within hours. In addition, all courses are online and can be accessed from anywhere.

Take advantage and choose one of the links below, and follow the instructions to enroll in the free course of your choice and preference, and good luck.

Educa Mais Brasil

Educate Mais Brasil is a scholarship program that offers free courses in several areas of knowledge. The courses are offered in partnership with Brazilian higher education institutions and are aimed at low-income students. Scholarships cover the monthly fee for the course chosen by the student. To enroll in the program, simply access the Educa Mais Brasil website and follow the instructions.

Digital distance learning (EAD) platforms

Distance learning (EAD) digital platforms are a great option for those looking for free courses. There are several platforms that offer free online courses, such as Coursera, edX and Udemy. In addition, it is possible to find specific platforms for certain areas of study, such as Computer Science, for example.


Coursera is an online education platform that offers free courses from several universities and educational institutions. Courses are available in various areas of knowledge, such as science, health, technology, business and much more. Some of the courses are offered in partnership with large companies such as Google and Microsoft. Coursera also offers certificates to those who successfully complete courses.


Udemy is an online platform that offers several free courses for anyone who wants to learn about a particular subject. The courses are taught by experienced and qualified professionals, which guarantees the quality of the content.

Google For Education

Google for Education is a platform that offers free courses for students in Brazil. The platform gives you access to various courses such as science, math, history, and more. In addition to courses, the platform also offers access to other educational resources such as books and videos.

Courses offered by the Federal Government on the MEC and Inep portals

The Federal Government offers several free courses on the MEC and Inep portals. These courses are aimed at anyone interested in acquiring new knowledge, whether for professional or personal purposes. On the MEC and Inep portals, you can find courses in different areas, such as: Human Sciences, Exact Sciences, Biological Sciences, Health, Linguistics and Literature, among others. In addition, it is also possible to find free technical and professional courses. To access all the courses offered by the Federal Government on the MEC and Inep portals, just access the website and register.

The free courses in Brazil are an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to study and qualify for the job market. There are several institutions that offer free courses in various areas of knowledge. Take advantage of this opportunity and take your course! We appreciate the initiative and encourage you to share this post on social media. Stay on top of all the news from Brazil free courses on our website.

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