Online motorcycle auction with best deals






Online motorcycle auctions are the best to participate in, as we always get good prices practiced well below the market.

Currently there has been a huge demand for this modality of online shopping.

Keep reading this article because we will share the best tips, with tricks for those who want to be part of the most outstanding auctions in Brazil.

The great business opportunities at motorcycle auctions are available and accessible to anyone who is attentive, following some basic but important guidelines for you who want to buy motorcycles with up to 60% discount, compared to the famous Fipe Table.


Now can you imagine realizing that dream, of buying a motorcycle that you’ve wanted for so long, with the advantage of paying for a real “bargain price”?

I’m already saying that all this can come true, putting into practice the tips on motorcycle auctions, which you will be learning here.

There are hundreds of motorcycles that were seized through government departments, such as the DETRAN (State Traffic Department). Within this line of reasoning, we can find cheap motorcycles in motorcycle auctions available by the Highway Police; besides, of course, the Federal Revenue or even the judicial auctions.

After all, what is an auction of seized motorcycles?

An auction of motorcycles that were apprehended by the authorities, as we mentioned above some of these bodies, an excellent opportunity for you who want to acquire a motorcycle for a value that is well below the market price.

The online motorcycle auction is a modality widely used today, with all the ease as it is not necessary for the participating person to be physically at the auction site to bid. We know that the number of motorcycles seized is very high, and one of the main reasons for this is always the lack of payment of monthly fees, emphasizing that there are traffic violations, for example, riding the motorcycle without having a license.

How does the Detran seized motorcycle auction work

When we talk about seizures of vehicles made by the Detran, the procedure is as follows, as soon as the vehicle is destined for the yard, a period of up to five days is stipulated for the owner to carry out the regularization of the same.


If this situation is resolved, you can withdraw it without paying any extra fee. Since such fees always have exorbitant amounts, which will most often result in the abandonment of said vehicle.

According to the National Traffic Code, these motorcycles that have been apprehended have a period of up to 90 days to remain in the Detran yard, when this period expires, they must proceed with the auction of these vehicles.

In this type of auction of seized motorcycles there is a basic rule, where payment must be made immediately, that is, in cash, and may also use other means such as check or cash (in person).

The buyer can also make the payment by depositing it in a court account (internet), following the guidelines established in the notice information.

At the end of the auction, all debts that are linked to this motorcycle must be paid off, so it is necessary to issue a new document for the vehicle.

Auction of motorbikes seized by the IRS how it works

In Brazil, different types of motorcycle auctions are promoted, where the ones that attract the most attention are those that the Federal Revenue organizes. There is a place within the Federal Revenue website to inform about the entire schedule of auctions to be carried out.

The motorcycle auction is usually done in person or electronically, participants in one of these electronic auctions can have access once they register.


It is also required that the interested party has a Digital Certificate, if he does not fulfill this basic requirement he will be unable to join the electronic auctions at the Federal Revenue Service.

If you are interested in more information about which auctions are being promoted by the Federal Revenue, or to know details of those that are in progress, you should access the official website of the Federal Revenue, taking advantage of every opportunity.

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