Tips for participating in a seized motorcycle auction






Seized motorcycle auction is a great opportunity for everyone, but few people know how to participate.

With that in mind, we prepared this article to teach you all the tricks.

Here you will find out: What it is, how to participate, how to buy motorcycles in this type of auction. Like everything else in life, the auction of seized motorcycles also has its secrets, stay until the end to find out all the details.



Think about the possibilities that this business can bring you, whether for those who have the big dream of acquiring that sports bike. But of course, a new one in specialized stores can be very expensive.

By knowing how to participate in an auction of seized motorcycles, can you have what you wanted so much and better, being able to pay a “bargain price”? But this feat will only be possible if you have all the knowledge.

So let’s go to the tricks and tips to apply when it comes to auctioning seized motorcycles. This is a type of event that usually takes place annually, promoted mainly by government departments, such as the State Traffic Department – DETRAN.

Auctions of seized motorcycles are also held, for example, by the Highway Police; the Federal Revenue or even the judicial auctions. Those interested need to access the correct locations online, so as not to miss the deadlines.

Learn more about seized motorcycle auctions

These auctions of seized motorcycles have been an excellent opportunity, especially for those people who are looking to buy a motorcycle, aiming to save money by paying a much lower price than the usual market .

Noting that one of the benchmarks and main reasons why these seizures of motorcycles occur is due to non-compliance with monthly payments, this with financial institutions.

We can also point out that motorcycles in general are seized, due to the fact that traffic violations are those for riding improperly, that is, without carrying a license.

See how the Motorcycle Auction by the Detran works

When it comes specifically to seizures of motorcycles that are carried out by the Detran, the process works exactly like this: Right after the vehicle is routed and arrives at the agency’s patio, in that moment the owner has up to five days to regularize the situation.

After meeting this requirement, you can withdraw it, with the advantage of not having to pay any extra fee. Since such fees usually have values ​​that are quite high, which is why many owners end up abandoning the vehicle.

Discover the details of a motorcycle auction by the Federal Revenue Service

We can see that there are the most diverse types of motorcycle auctions, which are held in Brazil every year. But those we are citing are exactly the ones that call the most attention.

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Among these most popular is the one organized by the Federal Revenue. There is a department within the Federal Revenue website, where you can find information regarding the schedule of all auctions about to take place.

Most of these auctions tend to take place in person, as well as electronically. The difference between these would be more due to the practicality that the internet and technology provide, in this case online.

Those interested in participating in an auction of seized motorcycles, through the Federal Revenue, using the electronic media format, must register and have a Digital Certificate, an essential criterion for become eligible to participate in electronic auctions at the Federal Revenue Service.

In order to know in more detail which auctions are being promoted by the Federal Revenue, or to find out about those that are in progress, the person must access the official website of the Federal Revenue and look for the location indicated on the online page.

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