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Investing heavily in marketing, Amazon Prime has been working hard to make its entire package of services even more complete and interconnected. Its main function is to unite the best in one place, at a cheap price and that makes the customer feel very well taken care of.

Doubt? So come check out the full Amazon Prime package and let us know what you think!

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon is a transnational technology company headquartered in the United States and whose main focus is e-commerce. That’s how it came about and that’s how it stayed for a long time.

However, with the need to conquer an ever-growing audience that were lost in different places, Amazon started a very daring action and expanded into other branches: It created prime video!

Also known as Amazon Filmes, the American company also decided to invest in the streaming business, in the same way as Netflix, becoming, today, its main competitor in the field. Today, prime video has a catalog as large as Netflix, with original series from different countries and with an assertive tendency to deliver entire materials, instead of publishing only half series.

With the birth of Prime Video, there was then the biggest challenge of all: How to win public, if Netlix is ​​trusted by the world public?

That’s when acquiring the Stream Twitch.TV service made so much sense.

With the ad space being used to publicize the contracting brands to all users who saw the different streams of the users, Amazon began to give priority to its own ads. She’s even gone so far as to only show her news on channels when ads appear.

Prime Video’s success was so good with the visible growth of Twitch.TV happening at the same time, that it launched its new music service, created to go head-to-head with spotfy. Amazon thought of combining all this in one place, since each package, separately, is expensive to acquire: Amazon Prime.

What’s included in the prime package?

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Inside your package, then, we have:

  • Twitch prime – Stream service to make lives from home or large events, in addition to allowing you to receive game loots;
  • Prime Delivery – Free shipping and fast delivery to all locations in the country;
  • Prime Video – Streaming service similar to Netflix;
  • Prime Music – Music service similar to Spotfy;
  • Prime Reading – Application that includes e-books for reading without paying any extra price for it.

Each of them makes the experience more complete and accessible for all audiences.

Oh, we already talked about Prime Reading, ok? Just access here and see how it works. Today, it is included in another Amazon service, which is Kindle Unlimited.

How much is Amazon Prime?

The package costs only R$9.90 per month, deducted from your credit card, but it does not have any loyalty system that obliges you to stay with the company for a specific time.

In addition, before thinking about purchasing the prime package without being sure of the quality of services, you can try it for 30 days at no cost and you can cancel at any time before the first charge.

Where to buy my package?

To purchase your package, just click here and go straight to Amazon Prime and create your registration!


So, were you curious about the package? Don’t forget to tell us what you think, okay?

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