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Do you know what car auctions are? Do you know how to participate in them? Do you know how they work? Or do you know some of the rules?

Well, these are some of the main questions, which are asked very often, especially by people who want to buy vehicles cheaper.

Because this is a subject that generates many doubts, in this article you will have access to some of the main questions on this subject. And so that we can explain everything in an organized and easy way, we will present this information in the form of topics with the Meu Leão website.


Here are some key information about car auctions.

So, if you want to participate in a car auction, you will already know most of the information on this subject:

What is a car auction and how does it work?

Well, in order for you to first understand what and how a car auction works, you must know what a normal auction is and how it works. See just below:

The Auction is a place where people go to buy things, where everything from paintings and vases to clothing and jewelry can be sold.

People go to auctions so they can buy objects and/or clothes cheaper.

In practice, auctions work as follows:

A person puts something up to be sold at an auction, there he meets with the auctioneer (the person selling the product) and says how much the price will have to be paid for it.

Then, it’s the auctioneer’s turn to sell that product.

It presents itself in front of thousands of people, where those same people are interested in buying the product that was advertised.

These people place bids (which are getting bigger and bigger) and in the end, the person who makes the highest bid takes the product home.

So car auctions work the same way.

The only thing that differentiates the car auction from the auction of normal things, is the product that is sold.

As you can see from the names, at the car auction, “cars” is sold.

Cars found at auctions

Many people have doubts about what types of cars can be found at a car auction.

So see below which are the cars found at auctions:

Well, at auctions you can find any and all types of cars.

Whether it is old, new, used or not.

But one thing that many don’t know is that when an auction car is sold, it receives a classification, which can be: scrap or conserved.

You must be wondering now, what is the difference between these two classifications, right? Well, see below:


When the car is classified as scrap, it cannot be driven on the streets until it receives an official document in its name.

Once a car that is classified as scrap metal is caught walking the streets without having a document, the person driving it can lose his driver’s license and even the vehicle.

This is a good type of vehicle, for those who work in car parts dealerships and even for people who work in car dealerships.


When the car is classified as preserved, it means that it can drive on the streets normally, but like all cars we buy, it must receive a document that is in its name.

Therefore, the cars that have this classification, can drive through the streets, which will not run the risk of being caught and also its owner, will not run the risk of losing his driving license.

This classification is good for all types of people, because with it, you can resell parts, sell the car itself, keep it for yourself, among many others.

Car maintenance

Well, there are some information that you should know that are related to the good maintenance of your vehicle, these are:

When you own a vehicle, you have the responsibility to pay for all the things that happen to it.

These are good things that will improve the vehicle, such as: improving the dye, buying accessories, among others.

Or things that are harmful, both for you and for the car, such as: paying to dent the bodywork of the vehicle, changing the headlights, among many others!

For this reason, it is always extremely important that you take it to a trusted mechanic, as this is the only way you will have less chance of losing your vehicle.

Are auction cars reliable?

Well, this is the doubt that is asked most frequently, for the simple fact that many of these people are afraid of falling into some kind of theft and/or theft.

What many do not know is that this is a very complex subject, so see below this subject, in a very summarized way:

Well, it is not in the Detran’s interest to deceive consumers, but to inform how much they will spend in relation to interest rates and repairs.

In any case, like any auction that takes place within the Detran, it is within all laws, you need not be afraid.

It is therefore possible to come to the conclusion that the vehicle will be delivered to you, in the same way and exactly the way you saw it in the store.

Who can buy cars at auctions?

This is another question that is very frequent, for the simple fact that not everyone can buy a car at an auction.

For that reason, see below who these people are:

  • Since the auctions are public, legal and natural persons can participate.
  • Only people who are of legal age.
  • If you have debts or have a dirty name, you will not be able to participate.

Documents needed to participate in an auction

In order to participate in a vehicle auction, you must have the following documents in hand:

  • CPF or your identity document (RG);
  • Some document that proves your residence;

You can obtain up-to-date vehicle market information on the website DENATRAN -National Department of Transit.

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