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Have you decided to buy an auction motorcycle, but during your research you found Brbid Leilões? Get to know now a little about the company and find out more about upcoming auctions.

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Brbid is one of the most famous auction companies in Brazil, operating in the market for over 9 years and with various types of lots from electronics to vehicles. The most interesting thing about Brbid is that all auctions take place online, and can be done from anywhere in the country.

How does the BrBid Leilões auction work?

Auctions are entirely online, with a minimum bid and maximum closing time. When the lot is auctioned, the winner must inform the payment data to acquire the lot he bought.

Each bid has a start and end date, so always be aware of the dates. Another very important detail is that you should always read the description of the lot before starting to participate, because that’s where all the lot condition information.

If after bidding you decide you no longer want the lot, then there is a problem as it is non-refundable and can cause legal problems if not paid. Therefore, only bid if you are sure you want the lot and can afford it.

How to know if the auction bike can run on the road?

Before starting your bids on the motorcycle that interests you, you should first read in the description if it is Scrap or Preserved. If it is Scrap, it will no longer be used on the road, and may be seized and the owner of the vehicle being fined. Scrap metal will only be used for dismantling, being used to reuse parts.

The bike ready to ride is classified as Conserved, but that doesn’t mean it might not need maintenance.

BrBid always posts photos about the condition of the bike, in addition to specifying any possible existing problems. They also describe the condition of major parts if classified as scrap. If it is a preserved vehicle, specify all the details and conditions of the motorcycle.

When will the next BrBid Leilões auction be?

Unlike many online auction sites, BrBid Leilões does not have a fixed date on the site for all auctions. Each lot varies the auction date and time, so you need to research the day and time in advance, as well as having your portfolio ready.

If you want to buy on BrBids, never forget to always check the lot, description, date and bid minimal, okay? As with any auction, you need to be very careful.

So, do you have any questions about how to participate in the BrBids auction? Tell us your question!

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