How to Download and Use Duolingo Directly on Your Phone






Famous for its ease of teaching new languages, Duolingo is on the list of the most downloaded apps onGoogle Play on last week. With the current crisis, many people are looking to invest time in learning new things, but the question remains: How to download and use Duolingo?

What is Duolingo?

Thinking about how a person can learn a different language efficiently, Duolingo works with the student’s attention.

Have you noticed how many people learn new languages ​​after playing games? Once they felt like they needed to know what the word meant, terms like Start, Game, Play and Exit just became part of our vocabulary.

For this reason, the teaching methodology of Duolingo is focused not on what the phrase means, but where to use it and why to use it. In what situation will you say good morning, order at restaurants and introduce yourself to your friend.

The most interesting thing is that the duolingo app doesn’t focus on formed sentences, like asking where the bathroom is, but also brings fun phrases with words already learned so that the mind has an easier time remembering them. Also, seeing the same word used in another context helps to understand how it is used.

With over 20 languages ​​registered in the app, you can learn both Japanese and improve your English! All this for free and without leaving your home.


Does Duolingo work or is it a lie?

Although the company claims that its teaching method is based on scientifically proven studies, the question still remains: Can you really learn with Duolingo?

The most important thing is to know that yes, it is possible, but it depends on the dedication of each one.

The application should not be used as the main learning tool, even in its paid version, because it does not work with the language completely. It works with conversation, pronunciation and the most used terms that will serve as a kick to start.

That’s why here are some tips on how to learn with Duolingo:

  1. Read in the language you are learning. It’s very important that you start breathing the language you want to learn, because being alone in the app doesn’t help your brain to fix what was learned in the app. Need to exercise!
  2. Don’t advance through tasks as if you were advancing through a racing game! Do the exercises calmly, repeat the pronunciations and come back to them until you are sure you understand what the voice says without having to read;
  3. Watch series and movies in their original language. It’s easy to see dubbed, it’s even nice when the dubbing is more than perfect, isn’t it? But when you need to learn the language, watching dubbed doesn’t help. Therefore, avoid watching it dubbed and avoid focusing on the subtitles, as you need to get used to the lines.
  4. Don’t just study for ten minutes. The duolingo app recommends that you start small and increase over time, but many people dedicate little time a day, when they study every day. So dedicate more time!

Did you know that you can read e-books in other languages ​​paying only R$16.90 per month? Check out our tip here and start studying!

How to download the Duolingo app?

The most interesting thing to know is that Duolingo is not just a mobile application. It can also be used by your browser, ok?

But if you want to download it on your cell phone, know that it is available for iOS and also for Android.

Just click on one of the links above and you will be redirected straight to the duolingo download page.

Once downloaded, open the application and answer the short questionnaire:

  • What do you want to learn? Enter the first language here;
  • For what use? Let us know how important it is to learn this language and where it will be used.

After that, just start studying!

How do I access my Duolingo progress on another device?

The application does not require registration to save your progress, but you need it to access it from another device or to clear your cell phone data.

So, go to the icon that has a face and choose Create Profile. Here you can connect directly with your Facebook account, Google account or create an exclusive account for it using an email.

When accessing Duolingo from another device, just click Go on the same icon and click Sign in.

So, did you like the tip? Are you studying through the app and did you like it? Tell us and clear your doubts.

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