How to watch Globo live on mobile?






Watching on a cell phone is a welcome convenience, especially for those who don’t have time to stay online on their computer or are unable to watch on TV.

It is with these people in mind that the broadcaster Rede Globo de TV released an official application, Globo Play, with some free accesses and others paid for the monthly cost of R$22, 90, giving access to both live programming and exclusive content such as series, documentaries and live broadcasts.

  • What to watch for free on Globo Play on your cell phone?

 – Journalism, sports, variety, reality shows.

 – Excerpts from TV Globo soap operas and comedy shows.

– Follow Globo live (only available in Brazilian territory).

Other content, such as series, complete episodes of soap operas, for example, requires a subscription.

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  • How to download and access Globo on your cell phone?

The official app from Google Play can be downloaded on Android and Apple, just choose which one you want and click:

Free download app from Google play on android;

Download the Google Play app for iOS for free.

After installing the application on your mobile, register using an email that is easy to remember the password, as you will receive a confirmation link from register. Right after that, just enjoy what’s available!

If you want to subscribe, just enter your payment details on the subscription button and wait to be compensated.

  • Is it worth having Globo play?

The objective of the application is that people who like Globo’s programming, but cannot follow it in real time, can access the content anytime and anywhere .

Including, it is an alternative for those who live outside the country and would still like to follow Globo live, or not miss the humor programs and soap operas.

The broadcaster also started to make exclusive content available, which is not shown on the free-to-air channel, allowing users to have more variety when choosing what they want to watch.


That’s why it’s worth having Globo Play on your cell phone, as a subscription, only if you fit this profile. If you only watch the show once in a while, try the free version and see if you like it.

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  • Is it possible to watch Globo live on mobile in my region?

Just as Pay TV has limitations with Globo with some views, the app is no different.

For this reason, the broadcaster keeps an updated list of programming that is available in each region. That’s why the app requires you to use GPS when watching, because that’s how the app knows what kind of programming it can show you.

To see the complete list, which is always being updated, click here.

  • If I subscribe to Globo Play, will I only be able to watch it on my cell phone?

No! The broadcaster releases access to watch via computer, tablet, smartphone and Smart TV. So, you can rest assured that you really will be able to watch it anywhere.

And if you happen to want to give access to more people, Netflix style, you can consult the plan options, as it allows you to expand access.

So, did you know that you could watch part of the programming without having to pay a monthly fee, and that it is even authorized by the broadcaster itself? Tell us what you think and your experience with the app!

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