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Since January the CNH (National Driver’s License) is already fully digital. The document can be accessed by cell phone, through the CNH Digital application, which has the same legal value as the physical wallet.

The novelty makes life easier for drivers, who no longer need to carry the document with them. In addition, it avoids problems with loss or theft of the wallet.

To access CNH Digital, you need to download the app for Android or iOS and follow a few steps. The process is simple and fast. In this article, we’ll show you how to get your CNH Digital through the APP.

What is CNH Digital?

The National Driver’s License (CNH) is the document that proves that the driver has the license to drive motor vehicles. As of January, all CNHs issued will be digital.

The digital CNH is a secure electronic document, valid throughout the national territory, which can be accessed by the driver’s cell phone, through the CNH Digital application. To access your digital CNH, just download the application and follow the steps described in the explanatory booklet available on the Detran website.

With the digital CNH, the driver no longer needs to carry the physical wallet with him. The electronic document has the same validity as the printed version and can be used for identification purposes, including in places with electronic inspection, such as checkpoints and radar.

In addition to being practical, the digital CNH also contributes to reducing the use of paper and preserving the environment.

Why use CNH Digital?

The National Driver’s License (CNH) is the document that identifies the driver of motor vehicles. It is a personalized document, valid throughout the national territory, which can only be issued to persons over 12 years of age.

The CNH Digital is the electronic version of the physical driver’s license and has the same legal validity. That is, it replaces the printed version of the document and can be used for legal purposes such as driving or providing proof of identity.

In addition to the convenience of not having to carry the physical CNH whenever you drive, CNH Digital offers more security against fraud and document cloning. That’s because it has a QR code that can be scanned by authorities to confirm the authenticity of the document.

Another advantage is that CNH Digital makes it easier to share your license with third parties, such as car rental companies, for example. Just show the QR code on your cell phone screen to confirm your identity and driving license.

How to get your Digital CNH?

The National Driver’s License (CNH) is the document that proves that the driver has the license to drive motor vehicles. As of January, CNH is issued only in digital format, through CNH Digita appl, developed by the National Traffic Department (Denatran).

To obtain your Digital CNH, simply download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play and follow the steps below:

Open the app and click on “Issue CNH Digital”;

Enter your personal data;

Photograph your ID and print or save it on a mobile device;

Click on “Request Digital CNH”;

Please allow a few business days for your order to be processed;

Upon approval, you will receive an SMS with instructions to complete the registration in the app;

Done! Now you can use your CNH Digital to drive.

What is the procedure to obtain my Digital CNH?

To obtain your CNH Digital, you will need to follow the procedure below:

  • Go to your state’s Department of Traffic website and download the application to obtain your Digital CNH.
  • After downloading, you will need to register in the application using your data data.
  • Next, you will have to login to the application using the credentials provided by the Department of Transit.
  • After login, you will be redirected to the application’s home page where you will be able to view all the information necessary to obtain your CNH Digital.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and fill in all the data requested by the application.
  • After filling in all the requested data, you you will be redirected to a page where you can choose the payment method to pay the fee for obtaining your CNH Digital.
  • Choose the payment method that best suits you and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the fee payment process for obtaining your Digital CNH.

Advantages of using CNH Digital

Using the Digital CNH has several advantages over the traditional paper CNH. Here is a list of some of them:

More practicality and convenience: having the CNH Digital, you no longer need to carry the physical document with you. Just have your cell phone with the CNH Digital APP installed and you will always have your document at hand;

Lower risk of loss or misplacement: with CNH Digital, you no longer need to worry about losing or misplacing your document, as you just need to download the APP and you will have access to your CNH whenever you need it;

Greater security: CNH Digital is a totally secure document, as it has several layers of protection against fraud. In addition, it is only possible to use the CNH Digital through authentication through biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition);

Lower cost: since you already have a cell phone with internet, there is no need to purchase a new physical CNH document, which represents savings for you;

Sustainability: using CNH Digital, you also contribute to a better world, as you avoid the consumption of paper and other materials necessary for printing the physical version of the document.

Disadvantages of using the Digital CNH

Although CNH Digital offers many advantages, there are some disadvantages that should be considered. The main one is the fact that, if your cell phone is lost or stolen, you may have a lot of difficulty recovering your CNH. Also, if your cell phone runs out of battery or signal, you won’t be able to use it as a driver’s license. Another disadvantage is that there is still no specific legislation on CNH Digital, which may cause some doubts regarding its validity.

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