Caixa releases this Wednesday emergency aid for more than 7 million Brazilians






There is still a forecast that this Thursday (23/04) the second installment of the aid will be anticipated for those registered in the Cadastro Único who do not receive Bolsa Família and who registered through the App or website!


This Wednesday (22/04) the Caixa Econômica Federal continues with the payment schedule for emergency aid of R$600.00 for Brazilians during the crisis, with release forecast today for approximately 7.2 million Brazilians.

Today, those who registered through the Caixa Auxílio Emergencial app and the website receive it, benefiting 4.1 million Brazilians. In addition to these, are included beneficiaries of the Cadastro Único who do not receive Bolsa Família, with about 1.2 million Brazilians and almost 2 million Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

Caixa anticipates second installment of emergency aid for Thursday

Those who have already received the first installment of emergency aid in the amount of R$600.00 should pay attention, as Caixa will anticipate the second installment this Thursday, 04/23. The first to receive this Thursday will be Brazilians already registered in the Cadastro Único and who do not receive Bolsa Família and those who have already registered through the application or website.

With anticipation, the calendar for the second installment was:

  • April 23 for those born in January and February;
  • April 24th for those born in March and April;
  • April 25th for those born in May and June;
  • April 27 for those born in July and August;
  • April 28 for those born in September and October;
  • April 29th for people born in November and December.

The third installment will be sent in May and the calendar remains the same:

  • May 26th for those born from January to March
  • May 27th for those born from April to June
  • May 28th for those born from July to September
  • May 29th for people born from October to December

If you are a Bolsa Família beneficiary, the calendar has not changed.

After the third installment, will there be more?

There is still no forecast for more installments after the third, as everything will depend on how the crisis will continue. But everything indicates that, if new installments start to be paid, the procedure will be the same and the registration will still be the same.

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Plan well so you don’t miss the installments and take care of yourself as much as possible in this crisis situation. Avoid agglomerations, huh?

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