Learn how to get free diamonds in Free Fire






Free Fire is a reference to the game and has been successfully downloaded. Not many people know that the name of the game refers to an area where soldiers can shoot anyone. In literal translation, it means “free kick”. Considering the purpose of the game, that’s a pretty meaningful name, isn’t it?

Another curiosity is that each character has a specific story and skills. Some characters will have more HP and others will have faster speeds, so players can choose characters that suit their playstyle



In addition to characters, each character can also choose more than one skin (another type of clothing). One of the fastest and most practical ways to acquire a new character or skin is through diamonds, which are the currency for in-game purchases.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire 2020?

Unfortunately, in Free Fire itself, you cannot earn diamonds without paying. However, there are other possibilities, especially for Android users. The Play Store will start events at a certain frequency so that users can get credits in their accounts and use them to buy diamonds.

Not to mention that sometimes, when making a purchase or registering a GIFT CARD, the user can also earn, GIFT CARD in the form of goods or services in certain applications . Also, if you subscribe to Google One (subscription starts at R$6.90), you can earn points as a reward for spending in the Play Store.

You can use these points and gifts to buy diamonds in Free Fire. Even if you haven’t made any Play Store purchases, there are other ways to earn Play Store Credit. Check it out below.

Diamonds in Google surveys

Do you know that your opinion is valuable on Google? So much so that Google pays users to respond to quizzes and surveys through Google opinion rewards. It can be used by Android users and users who have iOS phones.

Its operation is simple and intuitive. For each completed questionnaire, the user receives a credit to his Google account. If you have a US iPhone ID, you can arrange for the balance to be sent to your PayPal account.

So the player can take some time to answer some quizzes and get credits to his account which can be used to buy diamonds. So your only cost to get diamonds is to answer the quiz in time. understand more

How many diamonds can you earn with Opinion?

The Opinion app is available for iOS and Android to send the balance to the user’s bank account. Earn money by performing tasks such as taking photos of malls and/or restaurants.

To understand, this tool is an application designed to help the company understand its position in the market. When the user collects a small task with a credit limit of at least R$ 30.00, he can transfer it to a bank account and use it to acquire credit at Play Store.

Beware of very simple solutions

As mentioned before, the “free kick” usually does not provide diamonds for free. Therefore, you need to pay attention to some websites and apps that promise unlimited diamonds, as well as other ways to attract games by getting diamonds without spending a dime. These tools and ads, in addition to not being illegal means, are passive in banning Free Fire accounts.

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