Is renting a house still a good income? See in this article.






Everyone says that investing in real estate is a sure-fire investment, as everyone needs a roof over their heads. But is being a renter worth it?

Check now some tips that we have prepared for you, who want to live on income from houses, or who have already started to earn, but are not seeing profit.


How to start investing in rentals?

It is important to know that you only start renting if you already have some money saved. There are cases of people who decide to share a room in the house for rent, but normally these cases are just to help with expenses and it is not ideal for those who want to make a living from it.

The starting point would be to start by buying land, but not in a hurry to have time to negotiate for a better price. Preferring to buy in cash is important to avoid headaches with installments.

Then, study about small rental homes to learn how to arrange rooms smartly and distribute more homes in the same space. Always check if the electricity and water company allows a separate clock and register for each house.

Here on pinterets there are some suggestions for small houses that you can check out.

How to charge the rental price?

The rent calculation cannot be based on what you spent, but based on the location and conditions of the house. If you are in doubt about how much to charge, always consult the rented houses in the area to get an average price.

It’s no use charging R$900.00 for rent, for example, in a region where you charge R$500.00 and vice versa. Charging more expensive leaves the box closed or with a high rotation of tenants, just as charging cheap may not cover the costs required in the region, such as IPTU, for example.

Are a lease and payment receipt required?

For those who rent the house, the contract is a guarantee that the house will be returned as it was delivered, as well as guaranteeing interest and a fixed payment date.

Some landlords like to include in the contract that the IPTU is the tenant’s at the time, but it is an illegal charge. All fees levied on the house are the owner’s obligations, the tenant being responsible for the monthly bills for their consumption and repairs to the house for damages caused by them.

The receipt is proof of the tenant’s income, in addition to serving as proof that the month being charged was actually not paid. The ideal is not to trust your own memory, as people tend to confuse.

When the house is well taken care of and the landlord keeps investing, not just staying with a rent, it’s still a good investment. There are people who only live on the income from their rents, but invest in different houses, of different sizes. You can start with a floor above your house, no problem.

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