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Do you know how to bid well at a motorcycle auction? Do you know how auctions work? Or, do you know what their rules are?

Well, these are some of the main questions that are asked very often, especially by people who want to buy a new vehicle. Because this is a subject that generates many doubts in this article, you will have access to the best and main information on the same subject. And so that we can explain everything, in an explicit, organized and easy way, we will present this information in the form of topics, with the Meu Leão website.


Do you know how a motorcycle auction works? Or, do you know the other main information on this same subject?

Well, if your answer is no, don’t worry, because we will present this information to you, explicitly, so that you can have an understanding about it.

So, see below what this information is:

What is a motorcycle auction?

Well, in order for you to understand what a motorcycle auction is and how it works, you must first know what a normal auction is and how it works.

Well, an auction is basically a place where people usually go to buy something and/or a product.

The products and things that are auctioned at an auction can vary greatly, ranging from clothing and jewelry, to vases and famous paintings.

He is well known for selling things that were used in movies, series and/or documentaries, this attracts a lot of attention from people who like these things.

The auction is a way for people to purchase products and/or things that are more affordable, that is, they have a lower value.

How does a motorcycle auction work?

In practice, auctions work as follows:

The person who wants to sell something goes to an auctioneer (that is, the person who conducts the auctions) and both make the following decision: how much is this product or thing worth.

Once they make that decision, the auctioneer advertises that product and people who are interested in it go to the auction.

And that’s where this product is sold.

But you must be wondering, how is it sold? Well, it works like this:

The people who are in the auction make bids (which are increasing more and more) and in the end the person who makes the highest bid wins and takes the product home.

So, now that you understand what and how a normal auction works, you can understand how a motorcycle auction works.

Well, a motorbike auction works the same way as a normal auction and has pretty much the same rules.

The only thing that sets the two apart is the product that is sold in each.

As you can see from the name, the motorcycle auction only sells motorcycles.

Can an auction bike ride the streets?

Well, that’s one of the top questions people ask that relates to this topic.

In order for you to understand whether a motorcycle purchased at an auction can drive on the streets or not, you must understand the following thing:

When auction bikes are sold, they are given a classification, which can be: scrap or preserved.

see below, some of the main characteristics of each category:


When the motorcycle receives this classification, it cannot circulate on the streets, until it receives an official document, which is in its name.

Once a motorcycle that is classified as scrap metal is found circulating on the streets, its owner may lose the vehicle or even lose his driving license.

The motorcycles that are classified in this category are a good investment for people who work with parts resale and/or car resale.


The motorcycles that receive this classification have the right to circulate on the streets, from the moment you acquire it.

It is a good type of investment for any and all types of people, both for parts dealers, as this is how they profit, and for people who just want to have the vehicle as a means of transportation.

Tips for bidding well at an auction

In order for you to make a good bid in any auction, you should know a few things, such as:

  • Participation: always try to participate in the auction, always bidding;
  • Estimate: try to estimate how much the product being sold is worth, so you can get closer and maybe win.
  • Initial bid: Start by bidding low and increase the amount little by little.
  • Among many others!

Tips for participating in a good auction

In order for you to participate in a good auction, we recommend that you follow some of the tips that will be discussed below:

  • Announcement: read very carefully the announcement of the product that will be auctioned, because only then will you be able to have access to information that is not said in every auction.
  • Accompaniment: if possible, we recommend that you take a mechanic with you, as he will be able to give you exclusive information about the vehicle.
  • Tests: Carry out any and all types of tests that are possible so that you can be sure that the vehicle will be in good working order.
  • See the vehicle: in addition to carrying out tests, as mentioned above, another thing that is extremely important is that you see the vehicle beforehand, so that you can be sure of what you will “buy” .
  • Bids: one thing that many people should be aware of is that you should only place a bid if you really want to buy that product, because many times, people who are not interested in something, make bids, just for the sake of it. and not because I want that thing.
  • Fees: Be aware of interest rates, it is a duty of people who participate in auctions, because if you don’t know about them, you could be indebted or even generate more debts.

You can also obtain updated information about the vehicle market on the official website of DENATRAN – National Department of Traffic.

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